Rapala Pro Bass Fishing (Wii U) Review


Let’s be honest. No matter how deep your love for outdoors runs, there are some days when you just have to face the fact that you’ll be stuck inside. Whether it be poor weather, health issues, or something else, it’s not uncommon to miss a day or two out on the water. It makes perfect sense, then, that an avid angler isolated to his or her home would enjoy partaking in their favorite hobby right from the comfort of the living room couch.

Problematically, the video game industry is yet to hit the mark with a fishing game that’s actually enjoyable to play. The newest Rapala Pro Bass Fishing game sought to buck that trend with it’s first title appearance on the Nintendo Wii U. Did it deliver? Let’s find out…

Finally, a Fun Fishing Game? Is it Too Good to be True?

Yes. Unfortunately, the Angler/video gaming community is in for another letdown. Nintendolife dubbed Rapala’s latest as “Dead in the Water,” giving it only 3 of 10 stars.

As you can see from the video below, the game’s graphics look beautiful and it actually looks like it could be a blast to play. However, the critics are finding that stiff, unresponsive gameplay, annoying intrusions, ridiculously long loading periods, and seemingly broken controls make it pretty much impossible to enjoy.

It shouldn’t be rocket science to find a formula where fishing can actually a fun virtual experience. Yet here we are. So if you’re an Angler and a gamer, don’t go rushing out to buy a Wii U for the excitement that Rapala’s Pro Bass Fishing promises. The game may be worth a rent, but it is definitely not a keeper.

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