Survey Shows Less Kids are Going Fishing

Why is it so important to take kids fishing? Getting the kids outdoors helps them to unplug and release some of that extra energy. Fishing improves health by offering a fun way to get moving. Fishing improves knowledge of the resource and encourages an understanding of the food chain. “Big things eat smaller things!” It encourages quality time with those that take the kids fishing thus improving interpersonal skills through communication. It improves motor skills, by learning to cast, reel, bait—just to name a few.

Fishing also improves listening skills and following directions. Who knew fishing could be used as an amazing learning tool to improve everyday skills needed for better performance in school and ultimately in a future job. Therefore, we can conclude that teaching a kid to fish can lead to that child having more of the traits and tools needed to be successful in the future. Not to mention it is just good not so clean fun. There is nothing like helping that kid catch his first fish. I have never had a kid who was catching fish say, ” I want to go home.”

Fisherman/Fisherwomen challenge
I challenge you to set a goal to teach at least two kids to fish this year. Take your children’s friends, neighbors, cousins, nieces, nephews—any kid that you can and teach them what you love to do, fish. Fish on friends and let’s spread the love for fishing to others. Teach the kids to fish and they will teach the future anglers! It is up to us to lead the way!

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