Cape Canaveral Fishing Report

As we pulled into the beach looking for menhaden (pogies) on Sunday morning we notice a different “flip” up in the surf. As we pulled up and threw the net we were delighted with a well full of mullet. What does that mean you ask? The “Fall Mullet Run” is upon us, beach fishing and nearshore fishing will pick up, and I’m stoked! I see huge schools of redfish, tarpon, Spanish and Smoker kings in our future.

As the waters temps wain down the fishing will pick up, already offshore we are seeing more and more schoolie dolphin show up (15-30 inches) with sailfish and marlin crashing through the schools of fish. Yes, that’s right I said marlin, I have not personally hooked up on one on this side of the Gulf Stream this year but I’ve seen four confirmed reports in the last three weeks. With the New Moon on the 5th of September and a building or “Waxing” moon until the 19th get your gear in order and get out there!

Offshore as usual, look for the rips and weed lines but, this time of year I rarely go deeper then 140-160′ of water straight out of Canaveral. Out in deeper water there really isn’t the temp breaks and current changes we need to target fish. I’ve consistently experienced very good rips and weed lines in 110′ to 140′ and some days you could actually see a difference in the height or “elevation” of the water. Try not to leave the beach without live bait because once you do find those smaller dolphin and the big boy comes through, he may not eat those chunks of squid that the little ones do. Have another rod ready to pitch that livie in front of the bigger fish, also if you don’ see the bigger fish, don’t worry, the little fish will swarm a nice pogie and may draw the bigger ones to it.

If it is bottom fishing you prefer this new moon is like a reset button on top of fishes heads. As the Moon builds, so will the bite so whether you’re a jigging person, a live bait person or just like to drop dead baits it’s going to be game on for grouper and snapper. My days usually are a mix between trolling and bottom fishing, I try to find rips and weeds close to the places I want to drop. Out of Canaveral I target the 21 Fathom Ridge and will get out to the 27 Fathom ridge if I have to. You will be surprised the amount of good bottom you can find just trolling around.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to welcome our newest member of Team Bluepoints Marina, Jake! His shakedown trip was during this past weekend’s Mac Attack 2 day King mackerel tournament out of Milliken’s Reef, king fishing was slow and there were tons of small sharks wrecking our rigs and bait. Our plan was to put him and my daughter on everything to ensure we can weigh 3 fish for all categories. The weekend ended up being “Fishing with Jake” because this 12 year old showed us that he could hang!! He fought fish ranging from 13lb kings to 200lb sharks, foul hooked bonito, and a few fish we never got a look at. I say GOOD WORK Jake!

As always do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have and if you see me at the Marina, stop and say Hi!
Until Next Time!

Brad Spalding is the Captain of The Brassy Hooker, providing a full time fishing guide and charter service out of Blue Points Marina in Port Canaveral, Florida.

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