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Gulf Coast Fishing Reports & Forecast

Coastal Angler fishing reports are the most up to date, accurate fishing reports you can get anywhere. Our network of guides, franchisees, and community anglers will keep you up to date with current fishing conditions for virtually any water you can imagine. Simply select your region, browse today’s hot fishing reports, the latest conventional fishing reports or the most recent fly fishing reports and you are on your way! Get the best fishing reports in the Gulf Coast region here.

Being the leader in Internet Fishing Reports  have the best fishing reports for both Saltwater and Freshwater Anglers. We cover many areas in the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean as well as the Gulf Coast. Fishing Reports written by professional Captains, Guides and Field Reporters from all parts of Gulf Coast and covering both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

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Fishing Reports & Forecast

The Fools of April

I had three grown men on the charter. One of the gentlemen came across as the more “polished” of the group. I couldn’t help but notice; this clean-cut guy was asking me questions about the day on the boat ride to the fishing grounds. Read More


Fishing Reports & Forecast

Venice Offshore Forecast II: April 2015

Spring is here again. We will start seeing live bait show up in certain spots. It will be a toss-up between running long to the floaters or catching schoolie yellowfin on the shelf. The Mississippi River will play a big role in April as to where we fish. Read More