Lake Blackshear Fishing Report: Feb 2014

by Stephen “Mr. Wildlife “Crenshaw

Since January is such a slow month, I decided to have shoulder surgery that I have been putting off for a long time. All the reports that I have been getting confirm that I picked the best month possible to not fish. A lot of water has fallen north of Lake Blackshear, which has caused the water to become very muddy. The few fish being caught are in the deepest part of the original river channel. Some large catfish are being caught in the spillway below the power dam using bream or shiners for bait. Recently I mentioned my method for catching crappie and since I have had a few questions, I decided to be more precise. The main line should have a 14 to 10lb line. Then add a 3/8 oz. bullet weight with 3 6mm beads beneath the weight. The best year round color combinations are red, green, red. I change colors around depending on the season. Next, tie on a small barrel swivel and beneath the swivel tie on a one foot piece of 4 to 6lb line for a leader and tie a size 4 hook on the end of the leader. Happy fishing! Always remember to thank God for the nature we enjoy in His world and for the opportunity to enjoy it.

Stephen “Mr. Wildlife “Crenshaw
Mr. Wildlife Fishing Guide Service

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