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 Fishing Report: July 2014

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With summer well on its way and the water heating up that only means to switch up your tactics to catch more fish. This month in the Grand River, anglers will have so many different types of species to target.

Small mouth bass are on the feed. Try using top-water baits for the first few hours of day light then try it again in the evening for some explosive action that will keep the blood boiling. You can find large number of northern pike in the mouths of the spring creeks. Try using suckers under a float or large body baits. Big bladed spinner baits are a good go to as well. The flathead catfish and channel catfish will keep you entertained all day and all night long. At the Sixth Street Dam, you will find guys plunking the dam. Where they get big minnows and heavy weights and throw right at the dam and just let it sit. And then hold on because what you will get is a ride of your life with big cats. Other anglers are targeting brush piles down river with live suckers and cut bait. Bank anglers are finding deep holes to target during the days and sand and gravel bars during the night.

Did you know the DNR have planted millions of walleye in the Grand River…. if you target these fish you will catch them! A lot of guys like trolling cranks or drifting crawler harnesses, vertical jigging jigs, and minnows. Throw cranks in the ruffles in the morning and evenings. Try using twister tail and buck tail jigs as well. Find the river channel and gravel bottoms and you will find these great-tasting fish that will fill a frying pan. Panfish like bluegill and crappie are doing great. Use leaf worms and wax worms and you will get them. Find them all up and down the bank around the slack water and brush piles.

Reeds Lake and Millennium Park have amazing fishing. If you’re not out there fishing, you’re not catching. Take a kid fishing so maybe one day he can return the favor and if you have a broken rod and reel, drop it off at the store, so we can fix it up and pass it along to a kid in need. If you’re looking at booking a guided trip, give us a call. We will put you where you want to be!

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