Grand River Fishing Report & Forecast October 2014


The Grand River in Grand Rapids is an amazing place to be in October. Take a walk to the fish ladder at first light and watch the salmon jump straight out of the water and make it over the dam. People come from all around the world to fish at 6th Street Dam. You will see an amazing amount of fish. Chinook salmon, coho salmon, lake run brown trout, lakers, walleye, and don’t forget the steelhead.

One of the best ways to catch all of these fish is by using egg patterns. Double beads have been more and more popular every year. You can float them, swing them, and drift them. They are quick to put on and fish effectively. You will also see anglers throwing hardware. Jointed Fire Tiger Rapalas, thunder stick juniors, Clown Husky Jerks, and X Raps. Some anglers take the front hook off the lure closest to the bill of the bait, so they don’t get hung up as much. Don’t forget your Hot N Tots! Red lip with blue and chrome, orange and gold, and black and gold are a few of local favorites. To fish these baits you have to work the river.

If you want to get away from the crowd at the dam and wade down river, hit above and below the Coffer Dams. Below Bridge Street there is some great spawning ground gravel! In October many anglers fish from the bridges. They’re running Hot n Tots off the bridges with a few rods and then back bouncing spawn bags with another rod. More-and-more anglers are using bait casters to drift spawn!

Another great go to is spinners. Throwing #4 or #5 spinners works great. Don’t forget about Cleo spoons. Throwing these baits you will want to make sure you use a swivel so your line doesn’t get all twisted up. Blue and glow, orange and glow, and on sunny days make sure you throw the chrome spoons! Throwing spawn bags is a great go to as well.

Boat anglers can anchor above gravel with a bunch or anchor rope out. And use the motor to swing the boat back and forth allowing the hot-n-tots to work the area really good. When I’m doing this I like to throw hardware as I wait for the big boy to smack my lure!

There is a big number of walleye this time of year. You will hit some on hardware but don’t forget about the crawlers! A #6 bait holder with a #7 round split shot above that! Just throw them out and drift and hold on son, your pole will bend!

Take Care, God Bless, and thanks for reading! Feel free to give me a call if you want to book a trip! Take a kid fishing! Memories are not made playing video games!

FORECAST BY: Capt. Shag Trent
TBN Outfitters
Phone: (616) 458-0922



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