Routine Engine Servicing

Believe it or not, Florida boating does have some seasonality to it. Though fishermen will use their boats out through-out … October 30, 2016

Boat Maintenance Tip: Heavy Duty Magnet

Have you ever dropped something overboard, perhaps your car or truck keys, your glasses, your camera, or perhaps your favorite … September 30, 2016

Boat Maintenance Tip: Propeller Care

Morgan from Michigan holding up his first mutton. PHOTO CREDIT: Capt. Teddy Pratt/Reel Deal. One of the most abused pieces … August 26, 2016

Boat Maintenance Tip: Throw-able Life Raft

Florida is the boating capital of the United States and leads the nation with over 915,713 registered vessels (2015). During … July 26, 2016

Don’t be a Victim of Bad Installation

A proper installation of a boat’s electronics is not just important—it is essential! A poor installation doesn’t just mean that … July 23, 2016

Boat Maintenance Tip of the Month: Safety Inspection

Throughout the nation July is generally regarded as the deadliest month of the year for boating accidents. As a Floridian … June 30, 2016


All boaters living in Florida must contend with the damaging effects of sunlight. Whether its damage to their skin, their … May 27, 2016

The Evolution of Bass Boats

Looking back to the late 60’s and early 70’s, it would have been hard to imagine the many changes that … May 27, 2016

Cleaning Livewells

Have you ever gone fishing on a boat whose owner doesn’t clean his livewells? It’s not a pretty sight or … April 27, 2016


Every boater at one time or another has experienced a maintenance issue while on the water. Some issues may be … April 1, 2016