Fishing in the Piedmont

Hear from local Anglers about the best place to fish, what type of bait to use, what type of fish you can expect to catch and much more.

Fried Catfish, It’s “what’s for dinner”!

By Chris Foster As Spring transitions to Summer the fish are becoming more active and Anglers are being able to … Jul 1st, 2019

Give It Your Best Shot With Good Shooting Fundamentals

By Karen Fisher In a recent article I talked about how practicing your safety plan can help you react instinctively … Jul 1st, 2019

How Do You Find These Places? A Guide’s Approach to Approaching New Water

By Ryan Wilson After wrapping up what has been my busiest guiding season to date, I find myself in the … Jul 1st, 2019

What the Flood

By Michelle Armstrong A few months ago I was fishing a tournament on Toledo Bend in Texas.  We experienced some … Jul 1st, 2019