Learning About Fishing Tackle: Light Tackle Hook-Sets By: Capt. Woody Gore

Every angler has watched in amazement as bass professionals set the hook, it’s a matter of experience that’s taught them how hard to pull and when the line reaches its maximum stretch potential.

Many saltwater anglers have switched to braided lines from mono, and afterwards seldom if ever return to monofilament. So what does this have to do with a hook-set? Primarily because there’s no stretch or memory with braid, it requires less effort for a hook set. Saltwater anglers targeting snook, redfish, trout and other inshore species also favor other characteristics of braid like casting distance, resistance to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and less water drag.

How hard should you pull when setting a hook depends on a few issues, more than just brute strength. Some of these factors include the species on the line, fishing line type, rod and reel combinations, depth of water, type of bait and most important the hook are determining factors.

Conventional J-hooks are a mainstay, when used properly there is an excellent hook-up percentage, however, you must pay attention to what’s going on with your bait so you can quickly detect strikes. If you don’t it’s inevitable the fish is going to swallow the bait and become hooked in the throat or worse, this usually results in death for the fish.

You never know what’s on the other end of your line when setting the hook. Suppose it’s that world class trophy you’ve been waiting for all your life, if you have your drag too tight you’ll break it off.

Learn good hook setting techniques, then during those critical moments after a fish grabs your bait or the bobber goes under; think to yourself about the force required. Learning to use more controlled pressure, keeping the fishing rod bent and guiding the direction the fish is travelling should help get more fish to the boat. Remember, once the fish is hooked you’re in control not the fish.

The most important part of boating any fish is making sure you release it with as little damage as possible. Practice responsible catch and release.

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