Kayak Fishing for Bass in South Central Florida

Voted your 2015 Kayak Angler of the Year, I feel like a pioneer for encouraging men and women to take … Mar 30th, 2016
handling a trophy bass

The Proper Handling of Trophy Bass

We all have been there, after a hard fought battle with a trophy bass we pluck the fish out of … Feb 28th, 2016

El Nino’s Impact on Okeechobee’s Bass

In many locations around the world, 2016 will go into the record books as a massive El Nino event. El Nino, the weather phenomena known to bring heavy winter rains to Southern California and warm temperatures to the U.S. Northeast, is the result of vast amounts of warm Pacific water pushing eastward towards the western coast of South America.Jan 31st, 2016

Fishing Central Florida Canals

Where ever you go in Florida you’re going to find canals, man-made ditches that help transport water from one location to another and help our backyards stay dry during the rainy seasonNov 29th, 2015

Fishing Rods

My first fishing rod was a hand-me-down from my father back in the 60’s. A 6’, medium action spinning rod, coupled with a Mitchell 300 reel was all I needed to tackle bass, walleye and panfish. Sep 29th, 2015

The Medlock Jig

Bass fishing the waters of Lake Istokpoga and Lake Okeechobee would not be complete without the Medlock Jig. Jul 31st, 2015

Bass in the Grass Part V: The Free Floating Zone

The last of the four zones of aquatic plants in our series is the free-floating zone. These are the aquatic … Jul 1st, 2015

Care and Treatment of Big Bass

Earlier this month, on a bass fishing guide trip to Lake Istokpoga, we managed to catch two good-sized largemouth bass. … Jul 1st, 2015

Bass in the Grass Part IV: Fishing the Submersed Zone

To date, we have identified four zones of vegetation in Lake Okeechobee and lakes in general; the Emergent Zone, the … May 29th, 2015

Bass in the Grass Part III: Fishing The Floating Leaved Zone

For those of us fishing Lake Okeechobee, Lake Istokpoga, or any other south Florida lakes or waterway, to be successful … May 1st, 2015