Okeechobee Fishing Reports

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Lake Okeechobee North End Fishing Report: Feb. 2016

The warm winter has been good and bad so far this year. The good part is it has been great weather to fish in, the bad part is that it has slowed down our big bass bite. Each year we look forward for a little cold air to help bring bigger fish in from the open lake so they can start their spawning cycle.Jan 29th, 2016

Lake Okeechobee South End Fishing Report: Feb 2016

February is here and the Lake Okeechobee fishing is off the hook. We are catching huge numbers of bass and the size has been pretty good. Fish from three to six pound are coming to the boat as fast as you can reel them in and we have been mixing a few really big ones in to make this one of the best fishing destinations in the world. Jan 28th, 2016

Lake Okeechobee North End Fishing Report: Jan. 2016

The Big-O is in its fall pattern right now, but winter is right around the corner. Water temperatures have been in the high 70s and low 80s which are great temperatures for catching just about everything on this lake. Bass fishing has been very good with live shiners, but very tough with artificials.Dec 30th, 2015
Lake Okeechobee Southend Fishing Report: Jan 2016

Lake Okeechobee South End Fishing Report: Jan. 2016

January is here and the bass on Okeechobee are really starting to turn on now that the water temperature is finally dropping a little. We are catching really good numbers from twenty to forty bass a day with a few really good ones mixed in from day to day. Dec 30th, 2015

Lake Okeechobee North End Fishing Report: Dec. 2015

Every month when I write this report I start with the bass fishing and move onto whatever else is biting, not this month. We're gonna start with the Speck fishing. Specks are moving into the edge of the grass lines, but your best bet still remains to drift the open water. Catches of 12-inch and up fish are caught daily with numbers in the 20 to 25 range.Nov 29th, 2015

Lake Okeechobee South End Fishing Report: Dec. 2015

December is here and it is finally starting cool off a little here in South Florida and the bass here on Lake Okeechobee are moving into spawning areas from the main lake. The fishing has been really good the past month and has been getting better almost daily. Nov 29th, 2015

Lake Okeechobee North End Fishing Report: Nov. 2015

Fall has arrived, that being said we are still in a bit of a summer pattern. Early morning fishing is by far the best right now, water levels are still rising but not fast, and the bass are on the move.Oct 26th, 2015

Lake Okeechobee North End Fishing Report: Oct 2015

Lake Okeechobee is alive and well. Water levels are rising and that is a good thing, but what’s even better is that it is rising slowly. This helps the vegetation to keep up with the water as it rises and doesn’t die off because of higher water. Sep 29th, 2015
October Bass fishing

Lake Okeechobee South End Fishing Report: Oct 2015

October has arrived here in Florida and that means pumpkins, Halloween, and the start of cooler weather for some much needed relief for bass and man. It has been another very hot summer here in Florida but we have had a good amount of rain and the water level is going to be high enough to get us through the winter and spring.Sep 29th, 2015
okeechobee bass

Lake Okeechobee North End Fishing Report: Sept. 2015

Lake Okeechobee has had its ups and downs as of late. We have had dirty water, low water, windy conditions, and all of these can make fishing tough, even on a lake as great as the Big-O. With winds blowing from the south and southeast, the water has become a bit muddy on the north end of the lake.Aug 26th, 2015