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Native Iguanas and Shearwaters saved from invasive mice on Allen Cay, The Bahamas

Allen Cay, The Bahamas was declared free of damaging, invasive house mice today by a partnership restoring the Cay’s natural environment, seabirds, and Endangered iguanas.


I think it was 8 years ago now that I found my passion for fishing to be a little bit overboard. I know that I have mentioned before, but the need to replace a bad habit and better myself led me to this addiction that is now a profession. Thinking back to those first six months that I went from driving around the creek chasing my tail with a double dropper rig, 3 oz pyramid sinker, and nasty frozen shrimp to actually locating reds and letting my Carolina rigs with live mullet do the work.

Cartecay River

Sometimes the world starts to close in and I have to get away from everybody and everything. Fortunately, I knew just the place to go.

SpotSticker Ventures North

There is no doubt that spotted bass have more in common with smallmouths than largemouths. In fact, when the two are present in the same waters, they will mix to create a hybrid that anglers commonly refer to as the “Meanmouth”—an aggressive critter with war paint across the eye, a big powerful tail and a really bad attitude.

Canoe Tips…

The title to this article sounds like a newspaper headline that ends with bad news. However, this article will be focused on ways to keep from tipping your canoe, ways to be more effective as an angler in a canoe and a few etiquette suggestions.

Postspawn and Giant Catfish: It’s All About The Bait

Across the country, catfish are emerging from their spawning dens as we head into the heart of summer. Now is the best time to catch them.

Fly of the Month: Purple Prince Nymph Variation

The venerable Prince Nymph. Chances are that if you fly fish for trout, you’ve had one on the end of your line at some point.

Summer Fishing Facts

Fish are like people, only wetter. Both like comfortable surroundings, food and protection from danger.Freshwater fish are restricted by lake or river banks. Fish such as pike, musky, walleye, largemouth, smallmouth, crappie, panfish, perch, several species of trout, salmon, shad, carp, and lake trout can all live in the same water, but in different parts and utilizing different structure.

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2020 Roland Martin Marine Center Series Results

Villegas and Stamm beat the heat in the near-record field for the win.

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