Record Setting Russian Taimens

“Russian rivers have a reputation for producing the largest on the planet.”

Those interested in destination fisheries have probably heard of the fantastic fishing, scenery and hospitality experienced on Mongolian taimen trips. Well, there are taimen in Russia, too. And Russian rivers have a reputation for producing the largest on the planet.

Record Russian Taimen?
Photo courtesy of IGFA

These fish are known as the largest, meanest salmonids in the world. They look and behave somewhat like brown trout only on a much larger scale. Fishing for them might be the world’s ultimate freshwater fly rod experience.

Angler Guido Rahr, III got to experience taimen in a big way in September, when he hooked into a pending IGFA record for fly tackle. He caught and released the 83-pound, 4-ounce monster on Russia’s Tugar River. If approved, it will replace the existing 71-pound, 2-ounce record for the heaviest taimen on a fly rod ever recorded by IGFA.

Russia holds the world record.

The IGFA all-tackle world record for taimen was also caught in Russia. In 1993, Yuri Orlov landed the 92-pound, 8-ounce record on Siberia’s Keta River. He caught it on a Blue Fox spinner and 17-pound-test line.

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