Stay Alert this Season

Tis the Season to be Jolly. But with the holiday season upon us also comes a time for thieves. Identity theft is using someone else’s personal information without their consent, usually for financial gain. About 1 in 7 U.S. residents have been a victim of identity theft. That’s more than 17 million people!

Unfortunately, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of identity theft entirely, but here are ways you can reduce the risk:

1. Store your Social Security card in a safe place and safeguard your number.
2. Strengthen passwords.
3. Watch how much information you give away on social media.
4. Watch the mail. Stolen mail is one of the easiest paths to stolen identity.
5. Make use of a shredder. Shred any credit card or bank statements.
6. Use caution when shopping in stores. Know where your wallet and credit cards are at all times.
7. Protect your mobile devices with passwords.
8. Check your credit reports frequently.
9. Monitor your financial statements.

Most importantly – stay alert!