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Kissy, kissy!

Salisha High caught this Remora in Sister’s Creek. [easy-social-share]Nov 12th, 2012

Snippity Snap!

Salisha High caught this Red Snapper in St. Augustine. [easy-social-share]Nov 12th, 2012

Oh Flounder.

Salisha High caught this Flounder in Sister’s Creek. [easy-social-share]Nov 12th, 2012

How ’bout a kiss!

Salisha High caught this Bonnethead Shark in Ponte Vedra Beach. [easy-social-share]Nov 12th, 2012

Yeah, I reeled this in!

Salisha High caught this Barracuda in St. Augustine. [easy-social-share]Nov 12th, 2012

My Cob!

Salisha High caught this 47 lbs. Cobia in St. Augustine. [easy-social-share]Nov 11th, 2012

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