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Inshore Topwater Tips

I fished the Indian River Lagoon recently and caught seven trout—three longer than 22 inches—and four snook, with two longer than 24 inches, plus two jacks. Jun 21st, 2018

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Gulf States Announce Red Snapper Seasons

With federal approval of Exempted Fishing Permits (EFPs) for red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico, the five Gulf states will manage red snapper seasons in state and federal waters for the 2018-2019 seasons. The bag-limit in federal waters remains 2 fish per person per day, with a 16-inch minimum length. Every state except Texas has the same limit for its state waters.Jun 16th, 2018

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Why Do We Say “Tuna Fish?”

As a linguist at the University of Florida for more than 30 years and an author of several English grammar books, I have long been interested in syntax (what is the plural of fish?), vocabulary (what is the origin of the word shark?), place names (what is the origin of Pompano Beach?), and anything dealing with our language.Jun 19th, 2018