Shrimping Forecast – August

We are in the hottest part of the summer, but we have so many things to enjoy besides the lack … Aug 9th, 2018

Fired Up Offshore Forecast – August

It is no secret now that the thermocline is in and the cobia are here. Let’s at least show some … Aug 9th, 2018

Backcountry Extreme Fishing Forecast – August

Temperatures have been hot and the wind is pretty calm. Redfish, trout, snook and tarpon have offered a great bite … Aug 9th, 2018


Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Fishing Forecast – August

  West Lake Toho – The summer bass bite has been improving with the best times to fish in the … Aug 9th, 2018

Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – August

In the summertime it is really hard to beat the fun and excite- ment of a giant largemouth bass choking … Aug 9th, 2018

Lake Okeechobee Fishing Forecast – August

  The current lake level is around 14.5 ft which is about normal for this time of year. The water … Aug 9th, 2018


Seminole Junior Anglers Update – August

  The Seminole Junior Anglers were well represented in one of the largest high school tournaments in the nation this … Aug 9th, 2018


Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast – August

If the water stays warm (above 80 degrees) along the near-shore coast, look for pods of baitfish to move in … Aug 9th, 2018

Lake Monroe & St. Johns River Fishing Forecast – August

Summer temperatures will challenge anglers – fish the early morning and late evening bite. Night time fishing can be fun … Aug 9th, 2018

Shrimping Forecast – July

Change of nature’s seasons closes one door and opens many others to keep us engaged and entertained. There are rumbles … Jul 5th, 2018

Fired Up Offshore Forecast – July

Happy 4th of July! Fishing has been pretty decent lately. A few mahi have been showing up and a few … Jul 5th, 2018


Paddle Power in August

For some the thought of fly fishing as an added skill in your quiver brings fearful daydreams. Looking like a … Aug 9th, 2018

Paddle Power in June

Summer is here and it’s the end of school for our young ones, so let’s get them out to enjoy … Jun 5th, 2018

Tournament News

Seminole Junior Anglers Update – June

  The Seminole Junior Anglers completed their regular season in April with a Major League Fishing (MLF) formatted tournament on … Jun 5th, 2018

Seminole Junior Anglers Update – May

  The Seminole Junior Anglers are winding down to the end of the season, but the anglers are still battling … May 7th, 2018