Fired Up Offshore Forecast – September 2019

Bunker (aka Pogies) have been easier by the day to get, they’ve been in the port. Here’s the kicker, now … Sep 7th, 2019

Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast – September 2019

I’m often asked the question, what is the best time of year to catch trophy redfish? Well, the answer is … Sep 7th, 2019

Fired Up Offshore Forecast – August 2019

August offshore fishing can sometimes be a challenge. The cold water is usually still around and causing issues for bottom … Aug 3rd, 2019


Clermont Chain of Lakes – Forecast September 2019

Think Summer is over? Not a chance! – September is the most overlooked of the summer months with the last … Sep 7th, 2019

Lake Okeechobee Fishing Forecast – September 2019

Current fishing on Okeechobee has been good catching both quantity and quality size bass. The month of September usually marks … Sep 7th, 2019

Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Fishing Forecast – September 2019

  Kissimmee Chain of Lakes and West Lake Toho: With most of the hydrilla topped out this time of year, … Sep 7th, 2019


Seminole Junior Anglers Update – September 2019

The Seminole Junior Anglers were represented in one of the largest and most prestigious high school tournaments in the nation … Sep 7th, 2019


Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – September 2019

  Hot weather, bright sunny days and afternoon showers are the norm here on the Harris Chain of Lakes during … Sep 7th, 2019

Lake Monroe & St. Johns River Fishing Forecast – September 2019

The first signs of cooler weather will signal the mullet schools to move north of Central Florida through the St. … Sep 7th, 2019

Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast – August 2019

Sea trout and redfish are the primary targets of anglers on the Lagoon flats. Anglers should focus their efforts in … Aug 3rd, 2019

Lake Okeechobee Fishing Forecast – August 2019

The water level for Lake Okeechobee is slowly rising. The bass fishing has been good with the heaviest bites coming … Aug 3rd, 2019


Paddle Power in September 2019

There are many common questions that I get as a fishing guide, but one of the most common happens to … Sep 7th, 2019

Paddle Power in August 2019

The summer slump can be a tough time in the kayaks for us anglers. Hot days and prolific thunderstorms will … Aug 3rd, 2019

Tournament News

Seminole Junior Anglers Update – July 2019

Our Seminole Jr. Anglers Teams had an outstanding 2018- 2019 season! With more top 20 finishes from our teams of … Jul 12th, 2019

Seminole Junior Anglers Update – June 2019

The final tournament of the Seminole Junior Anglers’ season brought a ton of excitement and recognition to our teams – … Jun 6th, 2019