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Every Region Has Its Season

The Chesapeake Bay area is renowned for rockfish. Also known as striped bass, these fish are widely sought after because they grow large, put up a decent fight and will make for one of the most delicious holiday meals one will ever have. ’Tis the season for rockfish!

Targeting Trophy Seatrout

On this particular December trip, I set out specifically target large trout. To consistently catch trout over 7 pounds, you must target them. They don’t behave like schooling-size trout, and you need to fish a little differently and have patience.

The Benefits of Fluorocarbon Lines

Advancements in the production of fluorocarbon have now made it a much better fit for use as a main line. Fluorocarbon remains a great choice for leader materials to be used in conjunction with braided lines. This article covers the advantages of fluoro.

Disappearing Nets

The Last Fishermen of Long Island

Permit The Ultimate Challenge on Flats of the Keys

This is a place where anglers watch from the casting deck of a small flats boat as tarpon, bonefish, permit and other species cruise and hunt in knee-deep water. A flats slam of all three species is possible any day of the year, and while the power and aerobatics of a big tarpon might be the ultimate thrill in angling, permit are the ultimate challenge… especially with fly tackle.

The Higher The Sun, The Deeper The Bite

The fish haven’t stopped feeding. They’ve retreated to depths where they are more comfortable. It’s the reason why the planer rod is many times the only rod working during the middle of the day. That rod is attached to the only bait you’ve got down deep.

Angler Catches World’s Largest Goldfish Named ‘The Carrot’

Angler Andy Hackett managed to catch the world's largest goldfish, weighing more than 66.14 pounds, at Bluewater Lakes in Champagne, France. The fish, known as the Carrot, was put into the lake 20 years ago and is a hybrid species of a leather carp and koi, thought to be the second largest of its type ever caught.

Destinations For Winter Trout

For trout anglers, the next few months offer some of the best catch-and-release fishing of the year. Delayed harvest (DH) waters are regulated by the states to carry us through to spring with heavy stockings and catch-and-release, artificial-only fishing geared toward fly fishers. Here’s a look at a couple good DH options.

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Team Trophy Hunter Wins 59th Annual Islamorada Sailfish Tournament

Under rough conditions and tough fishing anglers competed for three days until lines out of the water was called

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