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New World Records Approved By IGFA

Here are a couple of the most impressive new world records approved by IGFA this spring.

Playing The Wind

Wind-blown banks are notorious for feeding frenzies, especially in June, when shad hatch. Spawning shad can be spotted by watching for shoreline-feeding birds stacked shoulder to shoulder against the banks. This activity is normally in grass adjacent to deeper water or on clay banks that protrude toward a point. Be like the early bird that gets the shad, or you’ll miss the show.

Tupat’s Fishing Adventures Episode 1

We will be bringing you all over the state of Florida and even the north east of the US. Enjoy the very first episode and we hope to see you out there. Remember is not about the catch it's about the adventure!

2021 Blue Marlin World Cup Set For July 4th

The Blue Marlin World Cup, a one-day event targeting trophy blue marlin, will again be held on July 4th, around the globe. Anglers target blues in their appropriate time zones and it just takes one big fish to win.

Fish School – Spotted Sea Trout

Spotted sea trout are better known as speckled trout, and when they get really big, gator trout. Regardless of what you call it, it’s not a trout at all. Specks belong to the drum family. They are one of the most targeted species in their range which extends from Texas to Maryland.

Man Swallowed By Whale Lives To Tell the Tale!

A lobster fisherman is recovering in hospital after he was swallowed whole by a Humpback Whale.

Hit The Rock Wall on Super-High Tides

Spring, flood or high… whatever you call above-average tides, they are typical for the season. Mid spring into early summer, water levels sometimes flood over docks, ramps and bulkheads. Let’s talk about how these bull tides relate to the location of fish.

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Goliath Tigerfish – River Monster

In the Congo River, Jeremy catches a monster which has been preying on un-suspecting victims. Growing to 6 feet long with the jaws and teeth of a crocodile, this is one monster you want to avoid.

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