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Jacksonville Shell Starship Reef Completes Journey

Jacksonville Shell Starship Reef Completes Journey

Building a better tomorrow.  In early November, 1,500 tons of material were deployed as an artificial reef in the St. … Dec 13th, 2018
West Fork of the French Broad River

West Fork of the French Broad River

(An abbreviated excerpt from Flyfisher’s Guide to North Carolina & Georgia) I used to work with a woman who spent … Dec 12th, 2018
Fly Casting Technique: The Proper Way To Chuck & Duck

The Proper Way To Chuck and Duck

It’s all about the experience of fly fishing! Most new fly fishermen enjoy the process of fly fishing as much … Dec 11th, 2018
South Carolina Red Drum Shows Up 21 Years Later

South Carolina Red Drum Shows Up 21 Years Later

An incredible recapture 21 years later! When Charlotte resident Andy Ball headed to the South Carolina coast for a summer … Dec 9th, 2018
Lake Moultrie & Lake Marion December Stripers

December Stripers On S.C.’s Santee Cooper Lakes

South Carolina’s Santee Cooper lakes of Marion and Moultrie offer world-class fishing for multiple species, and winter is prime time … Dec 8th, 2018
Conservation and The Season For Giving

The Season For Giving

Get in the giving spirit this Holiday Season! The Holidays are here! In the rush of constant holiday shopping and … Dec 7th, 2018

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New Features Simplify Booking for Clients and Guides on

Currently, almost 250 guides, charters, fishing lodges, outfitters, and fly shops are set up for booking through Fisher Guiding. This week, we went live with a few new features that make booking and scheduling both easier and more transparent for all parties.

Fishing the Indian River Lagoon In April

I recently had great day fishing the Indian River Lagoon, and the good news is the trout are back in some of their old haunts south of Vero and Fort Pierce.

Croakies – Committed to Life’s Everyday Adventures Since 1977

  The Croakies ARC System – The most technically advanced line of sport retainers, with a sleek and modern look – …

Top SUP Tips for Fishing

Typically coming in under 30 pounds, it is easy to transport, it’s quiet and super stealthy, and with a standing view it makes for a fantastic platform.

Dive Into the 11th Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo, April 14-15

The 11th Annual Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo, an action-packed water sports expo for watersport enthusiasts of all ages.

Kaku Voodoo Paddleboard

Kaku’s Voodoo Child has Arrived. New for 2018, the Kaku Voodoo is the ultimate sight casting paddle craft. This Authentic Fishing Paddle …

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Surf Expo 2019 a Must-Go Event for Savvy Fishing and Boating Retailers

Surf Expo’s Bluewater category launched last year as an examination of the crossover occurring between fishing brands and the larger … Dec 5th, 2018

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Kluch Custom Apparel

Kluch Clothing Company is the premier source for promoting businesses and organizations all over the country. They’ve been doing business … Dec 14th, 2018

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