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Hawaii Fisherman Catches Huge Octopus, Breaks His Own Brother’s Record

Michael Matsunaga caught the octopus, which weighed 25.29 pounds

Bring The Dead (Bait) Back To Life

Here’s a trick that can save a day in the absence of live bait!

The Story Of River Stripers On Florida’s East Coast

In 1983, we started the first pontoon charter offering family fishing on central Florida’s Ocklawaha River. By then, catching a striper was rare. You knew immediately you had hooked something more than just a largemouth. With a striper on the run, you’re left praying your gear is heavy enough and that the drag is set right. The captain must be ready to up-anchor and chase a big fish!

Control Fishing Pond Vegetation

This time of year, aquatic vegetation is likely at its densest, making it difficult to fish a pond or even launch a small boat. Here’s a few tips on controlling pond weeds.

Cover Water During The Inshore Transition

For speckled trout, September marks the transition from solid summertime patterns into the fall feed-up that coincides with baitfish migrations. Some of the best fishing of the year is getting ready to happen.

Rattling Up Everglades Snook

When it comes to structure in the Everglades, you will find as many options as you will opinions and approaches to fish them. The most popular, and what comes to mind first are the vast picturesque mangrove shorelines. These are the areas where fishing shows are made, but I’m not convinced they are the best for catching mature snook. 

Results Of The 2022 Lionfish Challenge: A Record-Breaking Year!

The seventh annual Lionfish Challenge came to a close on Sept. 6, and the competition was stiff until the very end. Participants in this year’s tournament broke several records in their quest to earn the title of Lionfish King or Queen and Commercial Champion.

Teen Fisherman Reels In Record-Breaking 30-Year-Old Tuna In Victorian waters

A 17-year-old fisherman caught a 30-year-old tuna weighing in close to 600 pounds off Gunnamatta on the Mornington Peninsula last week.

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Bi-Op-Sea Wins 33rd Annual Alice Kelly Memorial Ladies Only Billfish Tournament

The tally of two sailfish and one blue marlin releases based on time earned a jackpot payout of $44,200 for the local team

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