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The Mayan Cichlid is another non-native species on a growing list of exotic fish thriving in the warm waters of south-central Florida.

Shop Fishing In Surf Expo’s Bluewater Space

Outdoor Brands Line Up at the New Bluewater Section of Surf Expo.

Fun Boat Fails to get you through the week

Another boat fail compilation for you. People in boats are scary. Stay safe.

A Real Sea Serpent: The Tale of The Oarfish

From the depths of the unexplored ocean comes the Oarfish, the longest bony fish in the world, with a strange set of qualities...

With temperatures dropping, can you handle the fish?

With temperatures dropping, can you handle the fish? While many anglers sing the praises of Florida’s warmer fishing months, seasoned …

Freshwater mussels may be disappearing for several reasons

Freshwater mussels may be disappearing because their ecosystem or environment (where they live) is changing. Their ecosystem may be changing in several ways. ... Pollution Chemicals from factories and garbage that is dumped into the streams and lakes can harm or even kill freshwater mussels.

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Man Reels In Massive 112 Pound Catfish

A North Carolina man had one of the biggest catches on record when he reeled in a 112lb catfish.

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Caribsea wins the 56th Annual Islamorada Sailfish Tournament

The Islamorada Sailfish Tournament is the first leg of the Florida Keys Gold Cup Sailfish ChampionshipDec 10th, 2019

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