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Snook slated to reopen in Atlantic state waters Feb. 1

Snook is slated to reopen for recreational harvest on Feb. 1 in Florida’s Atlantic coastal and inland waters (from the Miami-Dade/Monroe county line north), including Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee River.

Giant Chinese paddlefish declared extinct after surviving 150 million years

Scientists say the giant fish species that managed to survive at least 150 million years has been completely wiped out by human activity.

New Striped Bass Regulations

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Striped Bass Board decided to address the sharply declining numbers of striped bass along the Atlantic seaboard, including the Chesapeake Bay, by requiring an 18 percent harvest reduction relative to 2017 levels. 

Pro Tips

Pro Fishing Tips: Catching Tarpon on Fly

Florida buying 20,000 acres of Everglades land to prevent oil drilling

Florida will buy 20,000 acres of land in the environmentally sensitive Everglades to prevent oil drilling in the area, Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday.In a news release, the governor said the cost would be as much as $18 million depending on when the deal closes.

350-lb Warsaw grouper caught by hook-and-line

A big old fish! This 350-lb Warsaw grouper was caught by hook-and-line on December 29th 2019, off Southwest Florida in …

Decades of Dam Removals Help Fish Reach their Homes in Historic Plymouth

Town Brook in Plymouth, Massachusetts, once full of barriers blocking migrating fish from passing, has been reopened and restored. Now fish like river herring and eels can make it to and from habitats important for their survival and sustainability, and they are better able to support ocean species that rely on them for food.

The Art of Kicking Fish

When the fish gets in the strike zone of the dolphins tail, you can see the dolphin looking at the fish and lining up the kick. It's a difficult technique to learn, and not all dolphins know how to do it. However, once learned, it provides an obvious advantage over simply chasing a fish and catching it with the mouth. A quick, precise flip of the tail and dinner is served, versus chasing a fish down and catching it with the mouth which can often take a few minutes and require a lot of energy.

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