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No Bananas Explained

Capt. James Marco with a giant Goliath grouper caught in southwest Florida. No Bananas! I’ve always told my clients to … Jul 9th, 2018
Jamie Cruce holds up tangled fishing line divers removed from a reef.

Add A Beach Cleanup To Your Summer Fun

Pura Vida Divers crew member Jamie Cruce holds up tangled fishing line divers removed from a reef. The sun is … Jul 8th, 2018
The Surface Seducer Double Barrel Bass Bug is a no-nonsense popper fly

Flymen Surface Seducer Double Barrel Bass Bug Fly

The Surface Seducer Double Barrel Bass Bug is a fly designed with one thing in mind, generating a massive pop to trigger attacks from predatory fish!Jul 7th, 2018
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Top Topwater Tackle

When you get to the point where you actually fool a fish to come to the surface to inhale an artificial lure, you have reached the highest level of skill.Jul 1st, 2018

The Perfect Way To Fillet

Every blade-handy angler has their own techniques and tricks for peeling the perfect fillet off a fish. But anyone who … Jul 1st, 2018

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New Features Simplify Booking for Clients and Guides on

Currently, almost 250 guides, charters, fishing lodges, outfitters, and fly shops are set up for booking through Fisher Guiding. This week, we went live with a few new features that make booking and scheduling both easier and more transparent for all parties.

Fishing the Indian River Lagoon In April

I recently had great day fishing the Indian River Lagoon, and the good news is the trout are back in some of their old haunts south of Vero and Fort Pierce.

Croakies – Committed to Life’s Everyday Adventures Since 1977

  The Croakies ARC System – The most technically advanced line of sport retainers, with a sleek and modern look – …

Top SUP Tips for Fishing

Typically coming in under 30 pounds, it is easy to transport, it’s quiet and super stealthy, and with a standing view it makes for a fantastic platform.

Dive Into the 11th Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo, April 14-15

The 11th Annual Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo, an action-packed water sports expo for watersport enthusiasts of all ages.

Kaku Voodoo Paddleboard

Kaku’s Voodoo Child has Arrived. New for 2018, the Kaku Voodoo is the ultimate sight casting paddle craft. This Authentic Fishing Paddle …

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Key West Marlin Tournament Is July 18-21

Legendary author Ernest Hemingway fished for “big game” in Key West waters during the 1930s, and contemporary anglers can follow … Jul 19th, 2018

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ACR Electronics Wins Business Excellence Awards

ACR Electronics was a winner at the annual Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award Ceremony. Jul 15th, 2018

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