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Wild or Hatchery Trout?

How can you tell the difference between a wild or native trout and one raised in a hatchery (stocked)?

9 Seafood Recipes That Will Take Your Taste Buds on Vacation

Take a gastronomic tour of the United States.

The Crucial Role Of Conservation For New Angling Enthusiasts

Fishing is a pastime that has an intrinsic link to the natural world, but the past few decades have seen the balance shift towards the pursuit becoming exploitative. Between commercial and hobbyist fishing, the World Economic Forum estimates that 90% of global fisheries (inland and ocean) are depleted.

Pebble Mine Permit Rejected

Anglers and conservation groups earned a hard-fought victory last month when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers rejected a Canadian company’s application to develop a copper-molybdenum-gold mine in southwest Alaska

Freeze Your Own Baitfish

Fresh is almost always better when it comes to baitfish. Whether you’re trolling rigged ballyhoo for billfish or sinking skipjack herring for monster blue cats, almost all fish prefer baits that look and smell alive—or at least recently deceased. Many times when live bait is hard to come by, frozen baitfish is the next best option.

The Benefits of Fluorocarbon Lines

Advancements in the production of fluorocarbon have now made it a much better fit for use as a main line. Fluorocarbon remains a great choice for leader materials to be used in conjunction with braided lines. This article covers the advantages of fluoro.

A Bonus Red Snapper Season Report

On Sept. 30, Florida announced a bonus Gulf of Mexico red snapper season on Saturdays and Sundays from Oct. 17 until Nov. 1. Here’s a report from our experience with the bonus snapper season.

Atlantic King Mackerel Limit Increased

The recreational bag limit for king mackerel has been increased to four fish per person per day through March 16, 2021, in all Atlantic state and federal waters from Miami-Dade through Nassau counties, Florida.

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Contagious wins 57th Annual Islamorada Sailfish Tournament

In true Islamorada style, the sailfish weren’t the only fish biting on this beautiful weekend.

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