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Stellar Fishing In The Northern Bahamas

The northern Bahamas remains one of the world’s foremost destinations for anglers. Now is a good time to plan a trip!

Fishing the Shadow Line

Sometimes, gamefish will be found in the lighted water itself. These fish are positioned to intercept bait that emerges from the darkness and is temporarily stunned by the transition from dark to light.

Colorado Man Breaks State Record With Giant Brook Trout Caught In High Alpine Lake

Third state record brook trout caught in 2022; previous mark had stood for 75 years

The Evolving Art Of Daytime Swordfishing

Within the last decade, swordfishing has steadily evolved from being exclusively a nighttime pursuit into a round-the-clock affair. The ongoing pioneering of daytime swordfishing techniques leaves room for experimentation to perfect personal preferences within this art.

Tailing The Kingfish Migration

Perhaps more than any other species, king mackerel are temperature driven. Kingfish prefer a temperature range of about 68 to 73 degrees, which is extremely specific, and it keeps them on the move.

11,000-Year-Old Fish Trap Discovered On Ocean Floor Off Alaska Coast

This video shows the moment scientists came across the oldest stone fish weir ever found, encased with grime from years underwater.

Minnesota Man’s Record-Breaking Fish Certified Months After Catch And Release: ‘Still Out there’

Eric Bakke of Princeton, Minnesota caught and released a 58.25-inch muskie from Mille Lacs Lake

Easy Pickins

Not only are flounder easier to find when they travel though the passes in their voyage to their spawning grounds, they also feed aggressively as they follow baitfish out of the bays. When I focus on flounder, I change my presentation dramatically. I like to apply scent to my lures, which gives you a great advantage when it comes to catching flounder.

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Keys Kids Catch’em Up At The 25th Annual Derby

112 Keys Kids participated in the 25th Annual Keys Kids Fishing Derby on September 25th hosted by the Lorelei.  Junior anglers pay no fee to participate in this event.  They may fish in one of three different divisions, Offshore, Shoreline or Backcountry and awards are given for three different age groups in each of these divisions.

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