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15-Plus Pounders from Louisiana

It’s that time of year. During the stages of the spring spawn, anglers across the country have been landing some huge largemouth bass.

All-Star Action From The Keys

Our March issues feature MLB All-Star JD Martinez and his adventures with Capt. Brandon “The Bean” Storin in the Florida Keys. Check out this video from Bean Sportfishing TV. JD hauls in one of the biggest yellowtails we’ve ever seen at about the 11-minute mark.

That’s A Mighty Big Bait

Gizzard shad grow pretty large, but we’ve never seen one like this 5-pounder from South Dakota. It’d take a big catfish, striper or walleye to swallow this giant baitfish!

Grisly Shark News

Here’s a roundup of recent shark encounters that’ll make you think twice before taking a swim.

Uni Knot for Braid

We’ve said before that the Uni Knot is the best all-around knot an angler can have in their repertoire for monofilament and fluorocarbon line. The Uni’s shortcoming is it doesn’t perform well with braided line.Never fear! The Braid Uni Knot is here! Essentially the standard Uni Knot on steroids, this modification helps the knot bind on slick braid.

Regs Changes Coming for Louisiana Redfish

Louisiana Reds in Decline! The world’s best redfish fishery is in trouble, and management changes are coming for recreational anglers. Have you noticed a declining fishery? Would you support stricter regulations?

Somethin’ Different Contributed by Alpharetta Outfitters

On the Fly: Spring means spawning baitfish in inland and coastal waters across the country. You can bet predatory species will be chowing down on the bounty. Here’s an awesome baitfish pattern, the Somethin’ Different, dreamed up by our friends at Alpharetta Outfitters in Georgia. It’s a beefed-up variation of classic patterns designed to better mimic baitfish with wide profiles.

The Largest Blue Marlin Ever Landed

Here’s the story of a 1,805-pound blue marlin caught out of Oahu, Hawaii in 1970. The record has stood for more than 50 years, and it’s one of those marks that will likely never be broken.

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Hillbilly Deluxe / GTB Wins 33rd Annual Cheeca Lodge and Spa Presidential Sailfish Tournament

The two day competition was greeted by nearly calm conditions on the first day and it was only minutes after lines in that the first fish was released and tagged aboard the Kalex. 

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