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With temperatures dropping, can you handle the fish?

With temperatures dropping, can you handle the fish? While many anglers sing the praises of Florida’s warmer fishing months, seasoned …

Freshwater mussels may be disappearing for several reasons

Freshwater mussels may be disappearing because their ecosystem or environment (where they live) is changing. Their ecosystem may be changing in several ways. ... Pollution Chemicals from factories and garbage that is dumped into the streams and lakes can harm or even kill freshwater mussels.

Man Reels In Massive 112 Pound Catfish

A North Carolina man had one of the biggest catches on record when he reeled in a 112lb catfish.

Monster Minnesota Muskie

The 57 ¼-inch muskellunge he caught back in August was recently certified as a new Minnesota catch-and-release state record. The nearly 5-foot-long muskie measured 25 ½ inches in girth and had an estimated weight of 47 pounds.

Maryland Triggerfish Record Falls

A 5.6-pound gray triggerfish is officially the Maryland state record, besting a mark that stood for five years.

The Best Do It Yourself Homemade Bait Recipes

Are you looking a way to catch your target without hurting your pocket? You have probably come across several brands …

Ascension To Fly Fishing Heaven

Known to many fly fishermen as one of the most permit populated places on earth, the waters of the southern Yucatan hold much more than world class permit.

Fish School – Redfish

The red drum, redfish or reds range from New England to Southern Florida, and from Southern Florida to the Northwest Gulf of Mexico. It’s one of the most targeted game fish wherever it’s found. Sport fishermen pursue them for their potentially large size, beautiful copper color, abundance, fighting ability, and delightful flavor.

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