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Missouri fisherman breaks 22-year-old state record for longnose gar

(MDC) confirms Anthony Schnur, Jr. of Pevely is the latest state-record holder after catching a 32-pound, 10-ounce longnose gar from Table Rock Lake.

240-pound fish from the Detroit River probably hatched a century ago

This real life river monster was tipping the scales at 240 lbs, measuring 6'10" long, and a girth of nearly 4'. Caught in the Detroit River, this fish is one of the largest lake sturgeon ever recorded in the U.S.

Texas fisherman catches 876-pound record-breaking Bluefin Tuna!

Lancaster caught the massive fish on April 13th, but the record was only just officially recognized by the Texas Parks and Wildlife.

2021 Central Florida Shootout

Results, images and more!

Record-breaking musky caught and released in West Virginia

It's possible that the fish could be caught again after its grown, meaning it could break its own record

Gear Up For Shallow Water Snook

Ask any inshore angler what’s their favorite fish, and snook will likely be in the top three. Snook are special. They live in fresh or saltwater, and due to climate change, they’re now found throughout Florida, in south Texas and even into Georgia and South Carolina.

North Carolina Cobia Regs Change

During the open season May 1st, the minimum size limit will be 36 inches fork length (measured from the tip of snout to the fork in the tail), and the possession limit will be one fish per person per day.

The Best Destinations for Freshwater Fishing

Prepare your pen and paper because, in this article, I will mention some of these mind-blowing places I visited which will captivate your hearts and minds.

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Goliath Tigerfish – River Monster

In the Congo River, Jeremy catches a monster which has been preying on un-suspecting victims. Growing to 6 feet long with the jaws and teeth of a crocodile, this is one monster you want to avoid.

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