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Record Drum On Chesapeake Bay

For red drum, 50 inches is a benchmark. Bull reds 50 inches and longer are not common, but they definitely occur. Fifty-inchers are caught every year. That’s why Capt. Jack Limroth, of King Tide Charters in Virginia Beach, must know his recently submitted potential IGFA world length record might not stand long.

Anglers Land Monster Summer Catches

So far, this summer has been a pretty good for anglers catching big fish. Here are a few monsters we’ve heard about over the last couple months.

A Few Days Fishing West Palm Beach

Last month, some friends and I went to West Palm Beach to do a little deep sea and canal fishing. My buddy Jimmy Dean tells me I bring wind and rough seas every time I come down. This time was no exception.

Stiff Competition at the Gold Cup Invitational Fly Fishing Tarpon Tournament

This year’s competition was exciting, as fishing success far exceeded last year’s numbers and provided some real suspense each day

Four Tips For Gigging Flatties

There aren’t many activities as rewarding on a warm August night as gigging flounder. It’s way more comfortable than slogging …

Urchin Roundup Saves Grass at St. Joe Bay

The first-ever Urchin Roundup at St. Joseph Bay collected 5,731 sea urchins from designated seagrass patches. The animals were released in deeper areas of the bay at a distance from over-grazed areas.

Shark Buffet off Southhampton, NY

A scientist captures unbelievable drone footage of blacktip and spinner sharks feasting on schools of Atlantic menhaden. Just watch.

How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

They allow you to see bait, structure and even fish you would never have seen without them. But how do they work?

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Speeches Repeats as Bonanza Champ

Captain Pete Speeches of Scarborough, ME and the crew of Backstabber, brought a giant bluefin to the scale weighing 719 pounds to win the Third Annual Casco Bay Bluefin Bonanza and the coveted Casco Bay Cup, their second consecutive victory.

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