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Streamers For Fall Trophy Browns

Hunting a trophy brown trout is what fall is all about. These fish can be caught nymphing a big stonefly or drifting an October caddis, but the old adage, “big bait, big fish,” holds true. Streamer fishing is a surefire way to try and target these old brutes.

When Temps Cool Down, The Grouper Bite Heats Up

This is time of year I live for. You see, I’ve been watching this beautiful cycle happen with grouper for almost four decades now. As soon as the mullet run slows, and the vast schools of cigar minnows (cigs) and sardines drift inshore, so do the larger (male) gag grouper.

Let Out Some Line at Burke Lake

This DWR fishing lake is a great fishing spot for Northern Virginia anglers

Massive Halibut Weighing 287 Pounds Sells For Nearly $1,400

The largest halibut caught in Scottish waters weighed 295 pounds and was caught last summer.

Amazing Species: Sunflower Sea Star

Among the largest and fastest sea stars in the world, with its 16 to 24 limbs reaching a diameter of up to one metre. It lives along the vast majority of the Pacific coast of North America.

Hogfish Recreational Season Closes Nov. 1 In FL Keys And East Florida State Waters 

Hogfish recreational harvest will close in state and federal waters off the east coast of Florida and Florida Keys Nov. 1. This closure includes all state and federal waters south of Cape Sable, which is on the Gulf side of Florida, and up the Atlantic coast. The Keys/east Florida hogfish season is open from May 1 through Oct. 31.

Cooking MASSIVE African Shrimp

In this live stream, Valentine Thomas and Josh cook massive shrimp from Africa, along with a few other side dishes.

Snook Season

Snook season is upon us, and anglers statewide are taking to piers, inlets, jetties, and even spillways for their chance …

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3rd Annual Get Hook’d on Lake Monroe Fishing Tournament and Seafood Festival

Beautiful Florida weather this year greeted the 180 teams who registered and fished the 3rd Annual Get Hook’d tournament.  $10,000 in prizes were paid to the top ten bass teams, and the top 10 crappie teams. 

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