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Why Try Technical Diving?

Tec diving is obstacle-ridden and humbling, but can reignite a fading passion. It can leave you with a sense of accomplishment and a refined set of diving skills. It grants access to depths beyond recreational limits, where lesser-known shipwrecks and deep reefs lie, waiting to be explored.

Lionfish: From Harvest to the Table

Find out how Florida’s commercial lionfish harvest works, and how these beautiful yet delicious fish go from sea to table. …

Summer drift down Sebastian Inlet

Summer winds and ocean currents push in some of the coldest gin clean waters from the deep Atlantic. This opens …

Gifts For Divers

Guaranteed Hit Gifts for that special Diver in your life! The holidays will be upon us soon, as well as …

Diving In The Bahamas

Looking for a vacation destination to take the whole family—a place where you can enjoy nature together and pluck dinner …

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Lake Monroe & St. Johns River Fishing Forecast – May 2023

It already feels like summer outside. In May we can expect hot fishing to accompany the warmer weather in central …

Lake Monroe & St. Johns River Fishing Forecast – April 2023

easy fix, change target species to schooling bass, sunshine bass, big catfish and stringers full of bluegill. We sure could …

Drift Boat Basics

With two anglers flailing away from either end of drift boat, there is huge potential for monumental foul-ups. A drift boat and a good oar-man can be flyfisher’s best friends, but there are some rules everyone must follow.
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