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Under The Sea – Spearfishing World Records

Most people have heard of IGFA (International Game Fish Association), which manages world records for fishermen. But have you heard of IUSA?

The Season for Giving

By Pura Vida Divers Ho, Ho, Ho, the holidays are here! In the rush of constant holiday shopping and festive …
Spear fishing

Spearfishing Bluewater Hunting

The rise in popularity of spearfishing and advances in the technology have allowed divers to more safely and efficiently target more and bigger species.
Deep sea fishing

Deep Sea Fishing, The Final Frontier

Deep Sea Fishing. Deep, dark, still unknown sea, full of mesmerizing creatures still being discovered within its vastness. Scientists have …

The Air Line R-260-X-L

The Air Line R-260-X-L is a high quality hookah system enabling divers to dive without scuba tanks as deep as …

Fall Spearfishing In Florida

In October, I dove my tail off and finally scored my first stone crab claws from Palm Beach County, a short drive north of Miami on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. I didn’t get a lot, nor any jumbos like I used to back in Tampa Bay, but they were a to-die-for appetizer.