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Freedive spearfishing

Freedive Spearfishing…What Makes This Sport Special

Freedive spearfishing is the most sustainable way to harvest dinner from the sea. There is no by-catch. The challenge of …
Shipwreck Diving Off of Palm Beach

History’s Alive On Palm Beach’s Wrecks

Below the ocean’s surface rest giants, the wooden and steel beauties that once demanded the sea’s attention. Lying there quietly, …
What About Sharks?

What About Sharks?

Everything we do in life carries risks, even going for a drive. Wear your seatbelt, learn to be a defensive …
spearfishing mahis

Magnificent Mahis

Mahis, with their dazzling colors, are one of the most beautiful and tasty fish in the sea. They are pelagic …
blackwater diving

Palm Beach’s Blackwater Diving Addiction

There is this plaguing desire to stay out late into the night, drifting over deep, dark seas on the hunt …
lobster mini season

My First Mini-Season

What might feel like the Black Friday of the sea to some used to feel like magic to me. My …