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What About Sharks?

What About Sharks?

Everything we do in life carries risks, even going for a drive. Wear your seatbelt, learn to be a defensive …
spearfishing mahis

Magnificent Mahis

Mahis, with their dazzling colors, are one of the most beautiful and tasty fish in the sea. They are pelagic …
blackwater diving

Palm Beach’s Blackwater Diving Addiction

There is this plaguing desire to stay out late into the night, drifting over deep, dark seas on the hunt …
lobster mini season

My First Mini-Season

What might feel like the Black Friday of the sea to some used to feel like magic to me. My …
spiny lobster season

Regular Spiny Lobster Season Opens Aug. 6

Recreational lobster divers got the first crack at Florida’s favorite crustacean during the recreational mini-season July 25-26. Now lobster divers …
hogfish spearfishing

Heavenly Hogs

Hogfish – it’s an ugly name for a pretty fish. It’s also one of the most delicious species in the …