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spiny lobster season

Regular Spiny Lobster Season Opens Aug. 6

Recreational lobster divers got the first crack at Florida’s favorite crustacean during the recreational mini-season July 25-26. Now lobster divers …
hogfish spearfishing

Heavenly Hogs

Hogfish – it’s an ugly name for a pretty fish. It’s also one of the most delicious species in the …

So You Want To Be A Freediver? 

Please take a seat. I’m going to prepare you for freediving. Concentrate on your heart rate, listening carefully to your …
smooth diving

Easy Does It

When diving, your ease of movement sends a message to the inhabitants of the ocean. Move smoothly and easily, and …
Bay Scallop Season In Full Swing

Bay Scallop Season’s In Full Swing

With bay scallop season in full swing for all but the two smallest harvest regions, the state of Florida is …

Daniel Hulme’s 266-pound yellowfin tuna on a Polespear is the IUSA world record.

The International Underwater Spearfishing Association (IUSA) keeps track of spearfishing world records. Past and current records can be seen on www.iusarecords.com. IUSA was founded in 1950 by divers from California who wanted to standardize rules for world record fish.

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11-Year-Old Maryland Girl is a Master Angler

Lucy Perez, 11, of Cecil County, Maryland, recently became the first youth angler to achieve the state’s Master Angler Milestone, an impressive feat that requires catching 10 trophy-sized fish of different species from Maryland waters.

Trout Fishing North Carolina’s Oconaluftee River

North Carolina’s Oconaluftee River has a multiple personality disorder. Its headwaters fall from an elevation of more than 5,000 feet via a little creek...

How To Catch And Cook Walleyes This June

Snap Jig Your Way to Fresh Fish in the Pan

Sight Fishing Tripletail and Cobia in the Bay

Now is a great time to hit the bays and the edge of the Gulf of Mexico for some great tripletail and cobia action!