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Wong Spearguns GR Hybrid

Daryl Wong has made a name for himself among spearos by custom building legendary spearguns at his shop in Hawaii. He takes pride in handcrafting each

Maverick Darian Yokooji Hybrid Spearguns

Darian Yakooji made his first speargun back in 1993 because he didn’t have money to buy one. Since then his handcrafted guns have become highly sought.

Head Sea VU Dry Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Sea Vu Dry’s full-face mask keeps the whole face dry, allowing snorkelers to breathe through their mouth and nose like they would out of the water.

Lobster Hunting: 5 Tips for Success

Come Aug. 6, SCUBA divers, snorkelers and free divers will hit the water with bug-grabbing tools in hand for the start of the 2017 lobster season!

Hammerhead Tuff Grab Amarra

Hammerhead Tuff Grab gloves are the toughest warmwater spearfishing gloves available. Tuff Grabs were designed in Hawaii for use in asspetto spearfishing.

Evolve Carbon CT Transformer Polespear

With Evolve’s Carbon CT Transformer Series, you have a single polespear that can be adapted to all occasions and all conditions.