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Gat-Ku Polespears

Since 2005, Gat-Ku has been the No. 1 most trusted name in the spearfishing industry, providing users with only the most exceptional spearfishing products.

Frog Spit Multi Use Anti-Fog

Tired of flooding and clearing your mask when it inevitably fogs up on a dive? Frog Spit’s line of anti-fog …

Brytor Reach Dive Light

Brytor Designs is an innovative LED dive light manufacturer. They've launched the Reach Dive Light, performs like no other light on the market.

Spearfishing Course for Freedivers

If you’re new to spearfishing or a veteran, this wealth-of-knowledge course, from many of the world’s best spearfishermen and freedivers will be invaluable.

Under The Sea – Slings and Polearms

There’s a retro-movement taking place—a trend toward primitive hunting gear. Slings and polespears are used in places that do not allow trigger mechanisms.

Lionfish Panhandle Pilot Program Ends May 19th

Panhandle hunters only have until May 19 to compete in the Panhandle Pilot Program. This removal incentive program rewards divers for harvesting lionfish.