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The Blue Heron Bridge Snorkel Trail is Expanding

Modifications are being made just south of the Blue Heron Bridge snorkel trail which will make the site even more enjoyable for SCUBA divers and snorkelers.

Under The Sea – Spearfishing Apparel

The popularity of spearfishing in the U.S. has grown, and it has spawned product innovation and improvements not only with spearguns, but with dive apparel.

Spearing Basics

  Spearing is defined as “the catching or taking of a fish by bow hunting, gigging, spearfishing, or by any device …

Swimming With Sharks

Every February at Pura Vida Divers, we dedicate a month to shedding light onto one of our favorite, but often …

Under The Sea – Speargun Selection

Speargun selection is one of the most hotly debated topics on spearfishing forums. Fortunately, there are many great brands nowadays...

Lionfish: Can’t Beat ’em? Eat ’em!

Although beautiful to look at, the invasive lionfish poses a severe threat to Atlantic and Gulf waters. They are known for having spines that can sting.