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Maverick Bermudian Pole Spear

The Bermudian is the result of a redesign of the famous Manny Puig Pole Spear known for more bottom fish records than any other pole spear.

Spearfishing the Pacific with Good Time Charlie Charters

It started as just an idea for a family vacation, and it turned into a new passion for the sport of spearfishing and freediving.

Flagler Bridge Rubble: Palm Beach’s Newest Reef Habitat

Under the waters off Palm Beach, history is coming alive. Sunken between depths of 70 and 85 feet off Singer Island, lie the remains of the Flagler Bridge.

Under the Sea – Where to Begin Spearfishing

Summer is here! What better time to learn to spearfish? A few fishermen, who weren’t yet divers, have asked me where to begin if they wanted to learn.

Under the Sea – Try Freediving!

It’s a natural, satisfying and spiritual experience to hold one’s breath and become one with the ocean. Freediving is for anyone who is willing to try.

Surviving Freediver Blackout

The first time I heard the term ‘shallow-water blackout’ my family had already been freediving and spearfishing for 24 years.