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Under the Sea – Speargun Basics

Like enthusiasts of any sport, if you stay with spearfishing long enough, you become intimately familiar with every detail of your equipment. Here’s an overview of what a newbie might want to know before buying that first speargun.

King of Sling – Art Pinder

In the spearfishing community, there is one man that everyone could probably agree that deserves the title of “legend.” That is Art Pinder.

Manatee Migration

As the leaves turn gold and red, and frosty fingers weave their way North, a different scene indicates the soon arrival of colder weather through Florida.

Surviving Cold Water Shock

Taking an inadvertent swim is nothing to laugh at during the winter months. Hypothermia, although it can be dangerous, rarely leads to death.

Under the Sea – Be an Ethical Spearfisher

One thing that all spearos can brag about is their ability to be selective, but it takes more than that to be an ethical spearfisher.

Diving Through the Palm Beach Seasons

For this month we would like to give you some basic information about diving in Palm Beach County and why it’s so spectacular.