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Big Trout And The October Caddis

October is a magical time on a trout stream. In preparation for the spawn, hormones flood a brown trout’s body …

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Follow The Fall Kingfish Migrations

Water temperatures are falling. King mackerel are on the move. Wherever they roam, fall is the time to catch kingfish …

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More Than Catching Fish

The sport of fly fishing goes beyond making the perfect cast or hooking the biggest fish. Of course, being able …

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Making A Weedless Shrimp

  If I had to choose one inshore bait over all others, it would definitely be a shrimp. I can’t …

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The Devil Ray Fish

When the Tampa Bay area acquired a major-league baseball team for St. Petersburg in 1995 and before the team began …

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Fly of the Month

Contributed by Alpharetta Outfitters Somethin’ Different Inspired by the traditional Clouser and Henry Cowen’s Something Else, Michael Bowen has had …