Jr. Angler

Hello anglers!

This month has provided some cool breezes and some good fish.

Over Christmas break, my father and I were bored and heard of some good fishing around. We wanted some dinner and decided to go and look for some dolphin. We had heard of many people catching monsters right off Boynton Inlet in waters around 140 to 200 feet deep. It is normally rare to catch dolphin in this shallow water, however with the recent temperature changes, they tend to come a little closer to shore. We gathered some gear, ballyhoo, and split tail mullet that were rigged on sea witches and headed out. Boynton Inlet was a little choppy with waves around 4 to 6 feet. To make things worse, we were running out on dead low tide with the water being around 2 feet in certain areas. It was a relief once we got out of the inlet. We ran out a mile and set up some trolling lines, however after multiple hours of no bites, we decided to change it up. We turned on our Garmin Open Array Radar and decided to look for birds and weed lines. While we were running around, we stumbled on an old pallet that had barnacles and triple tails all over it. We thought we were going to hit gold and threw out some pilchards, and after a few minutes, we could see streaks of green in the water and fish on! We soon discovered these dolphins were too small, so we decided to troll along the weed line for bigger ones. After a few minutes we saw a big dolphin jump behind the boat. I grabbed the rod and immediately began reeling, and after a few minutes we had him within a gaffable distance. Finally, with the bull dolphin in the boat, we got some pictures and immediately looked for some more. We tried, but with no luck, so we called it a day. We were so blessed to find this fish and get some good dinners out of it!

Christopher Spratt
Team Tuppens Jr. Angler