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Grouper, the Other White Meat

How many times have we all had it happen to us? You find yourself about 40 to 60 miles offshore and have no fish in the fish box?September 21, 2017

No Pressure Gulf Grouper

Everywhere she’s been has its own allure, but she said when it comes to catching fish, nowhere compares to Louisiana’s Gulf Coast.September 20, 2017

Fish & Fishing – Toothy Critters

I never understood it. An angler hooks an unseen denizen of the deep that puts up an incredible battle before it is finally brought to boatside.September 1, 2017


Sharks and many fishermen have a love/hate relationship. My feelings for shark has changed a few times. When I was younger, sharking was all I wanted to do.August 4, 2017

Redfish from the Beach

Redfish is certainly a highly sought after game fish that can be found all along the Gulf Coast and up the Atlantic Coast as far north as Massachusetts.August 4, 2017

Life is a Beach – Light Tackle Beach Fishing

In the summer and fall, the fishing on the beach heats up. Tarpon regularly patrol the shallow ocean shoreline looking for schools of greenies and mullet.August 1, 2017

Surf Fishing

Sharks Approach Surfers

Drone footage shows sharks approaching surfers and paddle boarders near the Fort Pierce Inlet in Fort Pierce, Florida. At one point a big shark nearly attacks a smaller shark right next to a surfer.

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