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A Strange Mix For The Supper Table

A Strange Mix For The Supper Table

Swordfishing is more of a south Florida thing. But on good-weather days when they’re not chasing tuna or wahoo, there’s …
Follow The Fall King Mackerel Migrations

Follow The Fall Kingfish Migrations

Water temperatures are falling. King mackerel are on the move. Wherever they roam, fall is the time to catch kingfish …
Autumn fishing

Chasing Autumn’s Inshore Slam

The transition of seasons always brings new opportunity and a change of pace for anglers. Summer to Autumn fishing offers …
Patrick Sebile

The Rise of Patrick Sebile and his Band of Anglers

For those who are familiar with legendary angler and lure inventor Patrick Sebile, it comes as no surprise that he …
“Let’s Get Another One” In Costa Rica With Fishing Nosara

“Let’s Get Another One” In Costa Rica

The action peaked at the end of August here in northern Costa Rica, and Fishing Nosara was there, with multiple …
Red Snapper Limit and Other Methods to Extend Atlantic Snapper Season

Atlantic Snapper

Last month, happy days were here again for recreational anglers on the Atlantic coast of the southern United States. Even …

Surf Fishing

Sharks Approach Surfers

Drone footage shows sharks approaching surfers and paddle boarders near the Fort Pierce Inlet in Fort Pierce, Florida. At one point a big shark nearly attacks a smaller shark right next to a surfer.

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