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Red Snapper Limit and Other Methods to Extend Atlantic Snapper Season

Atlantic Snapper

Last month, happy days were here again for recreational anglers on the Atlantic coast of the southern United States. Even …
Record Vermillion Caught

Record Vermillion Caught

She might not have caught the largest vermillion snapper ever. But she certainly caught the largest one off the coast …
Charleston Sheepshead Offer Southern Hospitality

Charleston Sheepshead Offer Southern Hospitality

Like most southern ports, Charleston, S.C. offers plenty of inshore angling opportunities. You’ll find redfish in the bays, seatrout in …
In Search Of Ecuadorian Golden Dorado

In Search Of Ecuadorian Gold

When the Spanish conquistadors came to Ecuador, they were in search of gold. The Incas found most of their gold …
Find Fish This Fall in The Indian River Lagoon

Finding Fall Fish In The Indian River Lagoon

You can’t catch fish if you don’t know where they are. Since the ecological system of the lagoon is changing, …

Hot Water Redfish

Although the first day of fall occurs in the month of September, it sure doesn’t feel like it in any …

Surf Fishing

Sharks Approach Surfers

Drone footage shows sharks approaching surfers and paddle boarders near the Fort Pierce Inlet in Fort Pierce, Florida. At one point a big shark nearly attacks a smaller shark right next to a surfer.

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