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South Florida Sturgeon

Anglers should know that all three species of sturgeon in Florida - Gulf, Atlantic and shortnose - are protected from harvest by state and federal law.September 7, 2017

The Best Fishing Months Are Upon Us!

Seasons roll through one after another in nature’s cycle. When we are in winter, we are thinking and wishing for the summer to come. September 1, 2017

Tips From A Pro – The Ned Rig

I finished sixth in the recent Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lake Champlain using a fairly new technique called the “Ned rig” and a dropshot.September 1, 2017

Warm Water Speck Strategies

It goes by many names. Regardless of its colloquial tag, it can be found along the Atlantic coast and throughout the Gulf of Mexico.September 1, 2017

Fish & Fishing: A Look Back

It’s worth repeating. Today’s marketplace is overflowing with shelves full of artificial lures embodying the look and actions of countless live baits.August 17, 2017

Modify Hard Baits for Big Fish

Ah, summertime… It’s the perfect time of year for energized tuna, catching the tarpon of a lifetime, or seeing yourself with a big fat striper.August 11, 2017

Freshwater FishingMore Freshwater

Spectacular Salmon Season is On!

Lake Ontario consistently produces some of the best Great Lakes salmon catches, and this year’s fishing has been nothing short of spectacular.

Saltwater FishingMore Saltwater

Grouper, the Other White Meat

How many times have we all had it happen to us? You find yourself about 40 to 60 miles offshore and have no fish in the fish box?

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How Do Hurricanes Affect the Waters and Fish?

The weather As an avid angler have you ever wondered what happens to the fish and waterways during and after a hurricane?