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The Devil Ray Fish

The Devil Ray Fish

When the Tampa Bay area acquired a major-league baseball team for St. Petersburg in 1995 and before the team began … Oct 20th, 2018

My Favorite Fish

When people ask what my favorite fish is to catch, they expect me to say billfish, bonefish, tarpon, striped bass, … Oct 19th, 2018

Hunting Redfish On The Fly

Poling mangrove edges and flats in search of tailing and belly crawling redfish is as much hunting as it is … Oct 15th, 2018
Montauk’s False Albacore Mayhem

Destination Fishing! / Montauk’s Albie Mayhem

Skipper Paul Dixon gives the ins and outs of false albacore fishing in Montauk, New York Montauk, NY. It’s known … Oct 13th, 2018
electrofishing survey

Inventory Your Lake With Fall Electroshocking

The first step to managing a pond or lake is to inventory the body of water. To give the biologist … Oct 4th, 2018

Freshwater FishingMore Freshwater

Big Trout And The October Caddis

October is a magical time on a trout stream. In preparation for the spawn, hormones flood a brown trout’s body …

Saltwater FishingMore Saltwater

Follow The Fall Kingfish Migrations

Water temperatures are falling. King mackerel are on the move. Wherever they roam, fall is the time to catch kingfish …

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Broward Spearfishing – Oct. 2018

Shooting in clear water for Florida’s most challenging fish…here’s some tips: Long shots are required, so spearguns should be between …