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Reading Seasonal Shifts of Fish

Spring is almost here on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Soon the redbuds and crabapples and a host of other flowering trees and plants will be budding.Feb 20th, 2018

Staying Fishy No Matter the Season

Preparing gear and mapping out your plans the night before a day trip, winter can be the prep stage that leads to highlight moments of the year.Feb 10th, 2018

The Expanding Role of Electronics in Fishing

All of us “fishheads” want to catch more fish when we are out fishing, and this is the number one reason technology is playing such a big part in the sport.Feb 10th, 2018

Reading And Keeping Track Of The Bottom

Knowing water depths for a certain fish can help. Grouper typically reside in the 70-120ft depths, and it changes with the water temps and the time of year.Feb 2nd, 2018

Current: When Tide Doesn’t Provide

In early November, my buddy and I set out to fish some shallow flats in our kayaks. The water and air temperatures were near the 80-degree mark in south Texas.Feb 2nd, 2018

Freshwater FishingMore Freshwater

Punching Mats for Cold Bass

If you’ve ever found yourself fishing for largemouths after a bitter cold front, then you might be familiar with how tough northern winds can be.

Saltwater FishingMore Saltwater

Casting for Kingfish on the Fly

Kingfish season has come again to southwest Florida waters. For fly fishers and conventional anglers alike, these super speedsters offer exciting action.

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Dry Tortugas Are a Hidden Jewel

The seven small islands that make up the Dry Tortugas lie 70 miles due west of Key West, a fisherman’s and naturalist’s paradise. These are hidden jewels.