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Tips From A Pro – Big Smallmouth Bass Destinations

Fishing the Elite Series allows me to see some of the best lakes in the country, and the “good ole days” of smallmouth bass fishing on the Great Lakes.November 3, 2017

Try to Go Fishing Everywhere

Fish everywhere you can. Well, that’s what I try to do. I am always thinking and searching for the right location for the current conditions.November 1, 2017

Fish & Fishing – Fish Have Ears

Sounds transmitted into the water can either repel or attract fish. The key, of course, is to avoid driving fish away with the wrong kind of sound...November 1, 2017

Practice Makes You a Better Fisherman

Targeting different species will take your skills to a whole new level. Traveling to different areas and experimenting with new tackle will only better you.October 21, 2017

Tips From A Pro – Fall Bass Fishing Tips

The fish have been pounded on all summer, and with a few cooler nights the fish will head to grass, schooling on top and chasing shad. October 7, 2017

Fish & Fishing – The Rod Rut

Fishermen can sometimes fall into the rut of comfort and convenience, with most anglers responding less than enthusiastically to any type of innovation...October 3, 2017

Freshwater FishingMore Freshwater

Delayed Harvest Trout Season is On

Fall is right around the corner and we are fortunate to have a wide variety of delayed harvest streams to choose from here in Western North Carolina.

Saltwater FishingMore Saltwater

Out On the Water – Salt Addiction Charters

After many days of messaging back and forth Spencer Kenny of Reel Jedi and I made plans to spend the day on the water and do a little filming.

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