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wading the Indian River

Wading the Indian River Lagoon – Tips and Tricks

Don’t have a boat? No problem; get a pair of inexpensive waders and go fishing by wading the Indian River … Aug 15th, 2018
earn extra cash with fishing hobby

Smart Ways To Turn Your Fishing Hobby Into A Moneymaker

Recreational fishing is a thriving industry. In 2015, nearly nine million American recreational saltwater anglers took 61 million fishing trips generating … Aug 13th, 2018
Pompano Fishing

Summertime Pomps In The Surf

August heat can put a damper on North Carolina’s inshore fisheries. The shallows are too warm. Redfish, trout and flounder … Aug 7th, 2018
Night Fishing Guide

Beat the Heat with Night Fishing

Pro angler Brandon Lester takes you through his night fishing guide and shows you what to do to be successful … Aug 3rd, 2018
Florida Bass Fishing is some of the best

In Defense Of Florida’s Bass Fishing

In the world of Florida bass fishing, anglers might feel snubbed by the recent release of Bassmaster Magazine’s 2018 list … Aug 3rd, 2018
fishing science

Be a Student of the Game

Fishing is not an exact science. So why is it that the same elite anglers show up near the top of the weigh-in board at every tournament?Aug 1st, 2018

Freshwater FishingMore Freshwater

Wild Browns On Slickrock Creek, N.C.

(An abbreviated excerpt on Slickrock Creek from Flyfisher’s Guide to North Carolina & Georgia) I don’t remember if I even …

Saltwater FishingMore Saltwater

Season Of The Goliath Groupers

Fall in Florida… is that even a thing? In south Florida, where two seasons reign supreme, hot and hotter, locals …

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It’s the Law – Divers-Down Warning Device

Florida’s regular spiny lobster season kicks off August 6, which means a whole lot of harvesting will be occurring off …