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That Lucky Old Sun

March heralds a transitional period on our inshore and offshore waters as the sun reaches the Equator and begins to enter the northern hemisphere. Longer days and stronger sunlight gradually warm these waters, causing many species of fish to migrate and become more aggressive in their feeding. Mar 1st, 2013

Making Noise- Fishing Tip

The oversized denizen of the deep stalked the battered yellow and red chugger with the intensity of a cat worrying a mouse. A momentary pause followed by two quick gurgles triggered a simultaneous explosion and crash dive doubled the rod over into a U and turned the reel spool like a buzz saw. Surface baits add an extra dimension to fishing, because you see the strike. Noise of the correct frequency and intensity rings the dinner bell for predators, while too much noise can have a negative effect.Jan 7th, 2013

Top Ten Fishing Tips

Catching fish encompasses a two-pronged approach. You have to locate your quarry and then convince it to eat. Dec 4th, 2012

Old School Rules When it Comes to Sharpening Your Knives

As several of the fish filleting, skinning and deboning videos on the website ( have been viewed several thousand times, I have also received numerous emails requesting information regarding the super sharp blades used, and what techniques I use to get them razor sharp. Normally I contribute to Coastal Angler Magazine and The Angler Magazine with fishing/rigging articles, but decided this topic could be just as helpful, perhaps even more so than any article on rigging.Dec 4th, 2012

Cast Your Bread Upon the Water

Few species can resist the natural aroma and tasty tidbits that signal a free lunch. Chumming not only attracts fish, it also stimulates their desire to feed. Competition in a chum slick makes fish more aggressive and they often race each other from one piece of chum to the next.Oct 17th, 2012

Hands Free Plugging

I am the first to admit that I am addicted to throwing topwater plugs. Whether I am stalking the flats of South West Florida for redfish and snook or hitting up the local ponds for largemouth bass, my hands down bait of choice is a low pitch topwater plug. Most experts will proclaim that the only time a floating plug is effective is in low light conditions. Aug 22nd, 2012

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