Mississippi Freshwater Fishing Forecast: March 2013

Chasing bass in March will give you the best opportunity at fooling a lunker largemouth. Timing is the key to locating and catching big bass. A perfect storm for triggering the large females into the shallows to spawn depends on the new or full moon cycle along with a few days of stable warm weather. Water temps reaching the low sixties around these moon phases will lure a wave of bachelor bass to clean a spot in hopes of attracting a plump female to move in. Sight fishing for spawning bass is the ultimate in fun and excitement. I suggest starting out in small lakes and ponds where beds can be spotted from the shoreline. Here you can observe the behavior of bass without disturbing an area. I use a natural color small soft plastic with chartreuse dye when fishing crystal clear water and white when fishing stained water. To be successful at sight fishing you need the two “P’s”-Patience and Practice. Practice is really time spent observing different fish while trying to see how they react to your lure in the nest. Patience is the most valuable tool an angler can possess while fishing the spawn. Some females can take hours of aggravation before attacking a bait. One tip that is crucial in triggering a strike can be found inside the bed itself. Finding that sweet spot, usually a 2-3 inch square located inside the bed where a bass behaves more aggressively is the key to landing the fish. Once you’ve had your fun, reward your catch by returning the fish back to the nest…maybe their offspring will provide the same excitement for years to come.

Thanks to all our first responders and service men and women who keep us safe.
Capt. Mike Adams
Fort Bayou Charters