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Species of the Month: Striped Bass

Striped bass are an anadromous species native to the Atlantic coast and Gulf of Mexico but have been introduced to the Pacific and numerous freshwater bodies of water, particularly in the South and Mid-west. Striped bass spend their adult lives in saltwater but move into freshwater systems to spawn. When it was discovered that they could survive and adapt to freshwater bodies many wildlife management agencies began stocking the species in reservoirs for recreational purposes and to control baitfish populations that boomed under these man-made conditions. Few freshwater systems are conducive to successful striper spawns; annual stocking is required to maintain these populations. Jul 1st, 2013

2013 Southern Classic Musky Weekend

Deep through the heart of Middle Tennessee flow numerous rivers that comprise some of the finest bastions of southern muskies. They prowl timber, weed beds, sand bars and ledges, looking to ambush every other species that swims in (and on) the same waters, causing anglers to fumble with their line and turn jittery as their massive silhouettes rise from nowhere behind a well-thrown fly.Jun 4th, 2013

Fishing the Northeast and Florida Not That Much Different

Fishing in Maine and New Hampshire versus fishing in Florida isn't really that much different. Aside from watching out for alligators, snakes and spiders we fishermen in the North aren't any different from our Southern counterparts.Jun 4th, 2013

Night Fishing: The Cure To Hot And Crowded Summer Lakes

A submerged fishing light cast an eerie green glow off the front of the dock as Capt. Wes Carlton eased us into casting range with trolling motor. Jun 4th, 2013

Early Summer Season at Central Basin of Lake Erie

Like many areas across the country early summer offers some of the hottest fishing action and reliable weather of the year. Jun 3rd, 2013

Terminal Tackle for Freshwater Means Simplicity

Freshwater anglers need few terminal tackle fittings, meaning the snaps, swivels, riggings, rings, wire and such that are mandatory in … Apr 30th, 2013

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Spring Fishing Tactics Out Of Boca Grande

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