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Cartecay River

Sometimes the world starts to close in and I have to get away from everybody and everything. Fortunately, I knew just the place to go.

SpotSticker Ventures North

There is no doubt that spotted bass have more in common with smallmouths than largemouths. In fact, when the two are present in the same waters, they will mix to create a hybrid that anglers commonly refer to as the “Meanmouth”—an aggressive critter with war paint across the eye, a big powerful tail and a really bad attitude.

Postspawn and Giant Catfish: It’s All About The Bait

Across the country, catfish are emerging from their spawning dens as we head into the heart of summer. Now is the best time to catch them.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Over the last decade, drop-shot or down-shot fishing has proven itself time and again as one of the most effective ways to target finicky fish. Especially during the summer and winter months, when bass are deep and packed tightly on open-water structure, the finesse approach of a drop shot may be the best way to consistently catch difficult fish.

Summer Lake Fishing in New Hampshire

Lake fishing in July in New England is like fishing in March in Florida. Our weather brings hot, steamy days of 80 plus degrees with little wind and some humidity. The waters of our lakes will reach the high 70's to the low 80's and the bass, crappies and pickerel will head to the shade of the Lilly Pads.

Species of the Month: Striped Bass

Striped bass are an anadromous species native to the Atlantic coast and Gulf of Mexico but have been introduced to the Pacific and numerous freshwater bodies of water, particularly in the South and Mid-west. Striped bass spend their adult lives in saltwater but move into freshwater systems to spawn. When it was discovered that they could survive and adapt to freshwater bodies many wildlife management agencies began stocking the species in reservoirs for recreational purposes and to control baitfish populations that boomed under these man-made conditions. Few freshwater systems are conducive to successful striper spawns; annual stocking is required to maintain these populations.

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