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You Gotta Try Ice!

I just can't understand why a person who really enjoys fishing would not try ice fishing. Ice fishing provides an opportunity to get some exercise out in the freshest and cleanest air we have all year.

Ice Fishing Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee is one of New Hampshire’s most sought-after ice fishing destinations and one that should be on the bucket list of all anglers. Affectionately called “Winni,” or “the Big Lake,” this 71-square-mile lake has a maximum depth of 200 feet.

“Mudbugs Get in Your Craw- More Fish in Your Livewell”

Whether alive, dead, or artificial — hard crankbaits or soft plastic imitations — you can catch a lot of fish, and lots of different species from tiny bream to massive catfish and bass, using crawfish for bait.

Jerkbaits For Winter Bass

Rattlin Rouge, Husky Jerk, Bomber, Pointer the list is endless, hard plastic jerkbaits. For year hard jerkbaits have been catching fish, probably starting before many of us reading this were born! While jerkbaits catch fish year round, in my experience they really shine in the winter and very early spring months.

In Search of Trophy Catfish on the James River

Weather is often what separates the average fisherman from the hardcore. Last week my good fishing buddies Vic Higdon, Leon Higdon and David Ashby, owner of Bottom Dwellers Tackle, and I traveled to the James River in Virginia to do a couple of days of fishing and a one-day catfish tournament.

Winter Bass & Crappie Fishing in Florida

During Northeast Florida’s winter fishing season bait shop sales for live crappie baits often exceed sales for live bass minnows.

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The Best Do It Yourself Homemade Bait Recipes

Are you looking a way to catch your target without hurting your pocket? You have probably come across several brands …

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