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Winter and Early Springtime Bass Fishing

Seasons for catching bass come and go. Of the seasons, there is not one that I enjoy any more than early springtime. Tight lines and good luck!

Vertical Jigging for Winter Fishing

Whether you are freshwater winter fishing a southern coastal area or spots where a snowmobile is standard in the driveway, fish go deep in the winter.

Southern River Muskies – Where the Hunt Never Stops

While musky fishing continues to gain popularity, northern states continue to garner the press for the top musky destinations and rightfully so.

Late Fall Bass Fishing on Lake Okeechobee…Insider Tips!

The cooler temperatures of fall trigger many different changes in Lake Okeechobee. After reaching into the high to mid-eighties during the summer, the water temperatures have fallen into the high to mid-seventies.

Reelfoot Lake: A Fabulous Fishing Destination

The natural cork float begins dancing and disappears; reeling against the resistance produces a hand-size bluegill. This scene would be repeated dozens of times; next we’re into slab crappies. The water is 78 degrees, it’s a full moon; the lake is teeming with fish.

Halloween Bass

Halloween Bass is the key this month as every day is a witch-hunt. Their deep, their shallow, their feeding on the Full Howling Moon, their pulling a Vampire and sleeping during the day and that is if you can find them.

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Be Prepared for Hazards of All Kinds

Recently, I was enjoying a quiet morning on the boat, all by myself, catching several fish in a remote place on the lower end of the Apalachicola River.

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