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Fishing in New England in September

Fishing in New England in September is awesome! The summer residents and tourists are gone, the lakes and ponds are vacant during the week and not that busy on the weekends. The days are warm, the nights cool, the sky is a brilliant blue, the clouds are pure white and the trees are magnificent in their fall colors of reds, orange, yellow, gold, brown and green.

Lake Agua Milpa, Mexico for Beauty and an Abundance of Bass!

One of our favorites lakes in Mexico is Agua Milpa. This lake is located in the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range near the town of Tepic. Once inaccessible to outsiders, this rugged section of the Sierra Madre is now host to bass anglers from around the world!

Fall Stream Fishing

It was a late September day on the Davidson River, N.C. The sun was setting, and its rich orange color was glistening through the leaves of a sugar maple, which had already turned to its mighty fall splendor. As I grabbed this last shot for an episode of Fly Rod Chronicles, I was amazed by how smooth the shoot went. Yeah, we had a living legend guiding us in Kevin Howell, but our host Curtis Fleming had a field day that would rival a good day in June.

Another Way to Fish

For easy freshwater fishing and a relaxing time on the water, try fishing a live minnow or small panfish. For some simple fishing from bank, bridge, pier, boat or even when wet-wading, hook the bait and carefully cast it into open water. Make the cast slowly so as to not snap the bait off of the hook.

Freshwater Mexico!

Let’s talk about fresh water for a change. Mexico has the best bass fishing in the world. Well, that’s what I think. There are three lakes that Charles and I fish. It is not uncommon for us to catch ten to twelve pounders in all of them. You fish them mostly the same way as you do anywhere with top water, crank baits, swim baits and the old standby, plastics.

Trophy Pike in the South Park Reservoirs of Colorado

Colorado pike respond to big swimbaits trolled on planer boards in April. In June, casting spinnerbaits becomes the rule. But for August and September rainbow trout surface feed on damselfly nymphs and the northern pike follow them.

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