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When to Go

by Eric Henson This time of year, one the most common questions I get asked is: “When is the best … Aug 2nd, 2019

South West Florida Freshwater Scene for August 2019

 By:  Capt Roan zumFelde August in SWFL is not always a pleasant month to fish.  Wet, buggy, and unbelievably hot … Jul 31st, 2019

Lobster Season is Back!

by Wayne Nichols It’s that time of year again. Everyone is descending on the Florida Keys. That can only mean … Jul 31st, 2019

From the Captains...

Movement and Depth

by Capt. Rachel Cato Action fires up this month on the grass flats with snapper, trout, and bluefish.  The preferred bait … Aug 2nd, 2019

TNT’s Keys Vacation

by Capt. Tom Bailas  Each year after our busy spring run of fishing charters, we take our annual vacation to … Aug 2nd, 2019

Friends and Family Fishing

by Capt. James Vadas Offshore fishing near Anna Maria Island is crazy right now. The False Albacore are biting near … Aug 2nd, 2019

Red Hot Summer

by Capt. Matt Fueyo This summer is a hot one there’s no denying that, but this red-hot fishing can’t be … Aug 1st, 2019

Just Kickin’ Back

Beat The Heat, by Capt. Philip Watson I think we can all agree that August is just plain hot! This … Aug 1st, 2019



Kayak Fishing

by Eric Henson You are most likely an avid angler or at the very least you enjoy fishing! Ever since … Jul 2nd, 2019

The Principals of Catch & Cook: Gafftopsail Catfish!

There’s no guarantee what you’ll catch. Sure we can target species based on the patterns we recognize, but depending on … Aug 1st, 2019

Sarasota Fishing & Outdoor Articles

Leave It All Behind

by Chasten Whitfield I had just fished up filming with PENN Reels two days before a scheduled fishing excursion with … Aug 2nd, 2019

Early to Rise

by Capt. Dave Stephens This has been a hot summer so far! We’ve been hitting triple numbers in the heat … Aug 2nd, 2019

Snapper at Night

by Capt. Bart Marx Summer time is a great time to do some night fishing for snapper. It is fun … Aug 2nd, 2019


by Captain Terry Fisher August is a great month to expect the unexpected when it comes to catching a ‘fish … Aug 1st, 2019

On the Fly

by Capt. Mike Manis As we approach the two hottest months of the year, it’s a good time to head … Aug 1st, 2019


by Capt. Brian Boxx WOW! Has it been a hot summer or what! With multiple days of record-breaking heat, it … Aug 1st, 2019

Hot Island Fishing

by Capt. Rodney Raffield Hi Coastal Anglers, Capt. Rodney here with a report of what is happening here in Everglades … Aug 1st, 2019

Epic Fishing

by Capt. Bill D’Antuono Here we are in the middle of summertime and the fishing is great. The phone kept … Aug 1st, 2019