A Busy “Off-Season” In Nosara, Costa Rica

During the off-season in northern Costa Rica, the FishingNosara team spent the last two months gearing up for the new season. Their five boats were completely disassembled, sanded, repainted and reassembled.

After another 800-plus-trip season, the crews earned some much needed R&R. The problem is these guys have a love of fishing so deep in their bones that they will not be kept away from the water.

Capt. Carlos, of the Discoverer, finished his maintenance early so he could run trips in September and October, which almost unheard of in Costa Rica. He got out to the blue water, nabbed an awesome blue marlin release and backed it up with big dorados and big numbers of yellowfin tuna.

FishingNosara ran a few dozen trips during the so-called offseason and saw the fishery has reset itself into the winter patterns, which bring more dorado and fewer yellowfins. There are a lot of sailfish and marlin feeding on the mahi-mahi.

This pattern typically lasts into late March when the big schools of yellowfin tuna move in from the north. The El Nino blew through two years ago and disrupted this pattern, but we anticipate things will return to normal this season and for the next few years.

Capt. Alex, of the Harvester, ran more than 200 charter trips during the last year, so it’d be understandable if he wanted to take some time to recuperate. But Alex is a pure fisherman, so instead of kicking back he loaded up for a trip to Puerto Calero off the coast of Morocco. There he served on the crew of the Lydia and topped the scoreboard with the first marlin release of a tournament. This was a great experience for Capt. Alex to fish on a different boat in a different ocean. It was also great to see our local hero make big waves on the big stage!

Back in Costa Rica, Capt. William, of the Wanderer, and Capt. Francisco, of the Explorer, oversaw maintenance of the boats. Keeping a fleet of sportfishing boats running in such a remote environment requires patience and ingenuity, but these legendary captains have both traits in excess.

In mid-October, the Nosara area was inundated with historic flooding. The Rio Nosara swelled to 30 feet above its usual level and left many residents stranded. The FishingNosara team sprang into action and used the 23-foot Adventurer to save multiple neighbors from the floods.

Videos of this “Tico Navy” in action quickly went viral (check the FishingNosara Facebook and Instagram feed to see for yourself). All credit is due to the crews and staff for their bravery and selflessness.

All in all, it’s been an interesting off-season. We can’t wait to get the boats wet in November for another great season of the best sportfishing in Costa Rica!

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