Mt Pleasant Pier March Fishing Forecast

We had a stretch of cold weather in February that was less than ideal for pier fishing in the Charleston Harbor.

Water temps dipped below 50 degrees and the fish around the pier took a little vacation.

Now that we’ve had a nice run of warmer weather, the harbor is up to 60 degrees and we expect to see the return of several species around the pier.

Don with 18” Seatrout.

Anglers should expect to see the return of flounder and black drum around the pilings and structure. Black drum can be targeted with shrimp or fiddler crabs on a Carolina rig.

Our resident flounder population can be enticed with mud minnows, live mullet, or hopping your favorite artificial lure along the bottom.

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Casting lures parallel to the railing and working along the shadows can produce an aggressive ambush strike when conditions are right.

Red drum and trout will become more aggressive in the warmer water so you’ll want to have options in your tackle bag to rig up for different species.

A Carolina rig with live mullet or mud minnows works for both, but don’t underestimate the fun to be had fishing for these fish with artificials.

The end of the pier on the north side can be a great spot for trout during the slack tide. The key when fishing that area is to keep your rig off the bottom.

Steve Gentry with nice Flounder.

The area off the tip of the pier has 350 cubic yards of old bridge debris that’s known for snagging rigs if you fish too deep.

Eventually everyone that fishes the end of the pier makes a donation to that reef.

If its redfish you’re looking for there are a variety of ways that can produce results. One is to try mud minnows under a cork or on a Carolina rig.


As it warms up cut bait or fresh shrimp are also productive options. One drawback to using fresh shrimp is most species under the pier will go after it.

As the water warms, we’ll see the return of puffer fish, toadfish, and other nuisance bait stealers that are fun for youth to catch, but may not be quite what you’re looking for.

Check in with staff anytime to get some helpful advice and then head down the pier to see what’s biting in March.

Don’t forget to check out for information regarding summer tournament dates, open employment opportunities, and happenings at all the county parks.

There’s a lot going on for the non-fishing members of your family as well.

Good Luck!

Chris Pounder,

CPRP Manager | Mount Pleasant Pier

Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission | Mount Pleasant Pier
For more info please contact the pier at (843) 762-9946
or visit


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