Targeting A Super Slam – By Jiggin’ Jerry

Through the majority of a year, inshore anglers here in the Lowcountry usually concentrate on targeting the inshore slam.

I have discussed this in some of my past articles, but one month out of the year becomes the prime time to target what I refer to as the super slam and that is November.

For those who are not familiar with what fish are in the inshore slam, they are the Red Drum, Spotted Sea trout and Flounder.

During the month of November, the water temperatures become cooler, allowing all of these species to become quite active.

Why do anglers refer to it as the slam? It is a contest between yourself and the fish. The goal is to catch one of each during a day of fishing. So what is a super slam?

A super slam consists of five fish—Sheepshead, Black Drum, Flounder, Red Drum and Spotted Sea trout.

The goal? Catch all five species during one day of fishing. So break out the arsenal.

Stock up on all your bait and lures and get ready for the ultimate contest between you and the fish.

During the month of November, the water temperatures become cooler, allowing all of these species to become quite active.

Each one of them trying to gorge themselves and fatten up for the winter months.

You will need an assortment of live and frozen bait to target all of these species during the same day.

Targeting Sheepshead

To target Sheepshead, you will need either Fiddler Crabs, Clam out of the shell, small Mussels in the shell or Oysters out of the shell.

There are three ways you could rig these baits to catch Sheepshead. One is to place them on a Carolina rig, a drop shot rig or tossing small jig heads with the bait attached.


While using these baits, it is possible to attract and hook Red Drum and Black Drum.

Targeting Black Drum

Black Drum love live Shrimp, but you can catch them off of defrosted frozen Shrimp, but just remember using live Shrimp could land you every one of the species mentioned above.

You could use Fiddler Crabs or Clam to target Black Drum, but I definitely recommend the Shrimp.

Targeting Flounder

The Summer Flounder will be feeding pretty heavy during the month of November.

They will be one species definitely trying to fatten themselves up before winter, gorging themselves on Mud Minnows, Mullet and Shrimp.

This is because they will be headed out to sea for the winter soon, but the Southern Flounder usually stay year round.

This time of year you can enjoy targeting these Flounder with artificials like bucktail jigs, artificial Shrimp dragged along the bottom and paddle tail grubs.

But you will find most inshore fishermen this time of year using live Shrimp, Mud Minnows or Finger Mullet.

Targeting Red Drum

Red Drum this time of year can still be found off of the beaches, in the harbor and up a lot of our rivers.

Our Inter-coastal Waterway becomes a destination for a lot of our boaters who are out to find themselves a great day of fishing.

You can target Red Drum in our local estuaries with artificials this time of year.

A little top water action using an artificial Mullet will entice an exciting strike or throwing some paddle tail grubs and artificial Shrimp can usually generate some success.

Start your own contest between you and the fish and see if you can become one of the inshore fishermen this year to catch the super slam in a day.

If you are going to set up some sleeper rods or surf rods for some of these big boys, I still recommend either fresh cut Pin Fish, live or cut Mullet, fresh Croaker and Spot can work quite well.

Just remember, when targeting these large fish off the surf, piers or docks, to make sure you have your drag loosened.

I have seen quite a few rods take off skiing across the top of the water after one of these reds decide to commit to the bite.

Targeting Spotted Sea trout

Spotted Sea trout is one of my favorite inshore species of fish all year round, but November seems to make it extra special.

With the cooler water temperatures, you can find these fish schooling up in great numbers, and if located, can make for a fantastic hour or two of just catching.

This is when you get to try all kinds of lures in your arsenal. You find yourself throwing artificial Shrimp at them for a short time.

After 12 or 13 fish, you can find yourself changing up and tossing a paddle tail to see how it does.

Then you find yourself throwing some hard baits and testing them out. Some fast sinking. Some top water.

Some are just old twitch baits. Whatever Trout lures that you bring that you have piled up in your tackle box become fair game.

But Spotted Sea trout this time of year is not just about finding the big schools of 16-inch Trout or smaller.

It’s time to become the stealthy hunter, to slow down and look at your structure.

Look for eddies created off of jetties or structure, either in the surf or in the local rivers, some pockets that have been washed out alongside Oyster beds during an outgoing or incoming tide.

You’ll find yourself setting up your best rod for the task. You are either about to throw in a live Shrimp on a light Carolina rig or hanging one under a pop and cork.

Maybe a live Mud Minnow sitting on the bottom in that hole you have spotted or you have some of your best artificials waiting and ready to toss right up against the grass and bring it over the Oyster bed, then slowly dropping it into the drop off just alongside of it.

You find yourself leaning forward slightly, staring at your fishing line and at the tip of your rod as you give it three slow twitches. What are we looking for?

We are looking for that big yellow mouth with either one or two long front fangs, that 23-inch or 25-inch gator, the female Spotted Sea trout.

They do not school up in giant groups.

These girls run solo, and even though fishing in a big school of Trout can be a fantastic day of fun, I would trade it all, to fish and catch one of those big females.

So grab your gear, fill your tackle box and stock up on your bait.

Start your own contest between you and the fish and see if you can become one of the inshore fishermen this year to catch the super slam in a day.

I hope this gives all interested a goal to shoot for this November. I hope this helps everyone with their next fishing adventure.

To view some fishing adventures, go to my YouTube Channel Fishing With Jiggin Jerry.

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