Fishing is Good!

Greetings Coastal Angler community. I had the pleasure of fishing with Dr. Sanchez from Miramar, Florida. We started the day in the “back” water of ENP and found rolling Tarpon immediately, at our first spot. We threw MirroDine plugs on 25 lb test leader and 20 lb POWER pro braid. After 12+ “jumped fish” off of south Whitewater bay we picked up my Dolphin super skiff and switched our tactics to the “front”/bay side of Flamingo. We headed east and switched spin for Fly gear off of East Cape channel.  It wasn’t long before we had double hooks up’s and closed the day by boating two juvenile kings on the fly! I can’t recall a better half day charter!

Water condition update…STILL DIRTY. Nature is resilient… The fishing is GOOD but the landscape is still recovering!

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