Ludington Fishing Report

By: Capt. Sean McDonald

My favorite month to fish for kings is here again in the Ludington area. We have had good days since Memorial weekend for kings as they migrate north along the coast in search of nearshore food following the alewives spawning. We normally have a salmon slow down period in June when it is more of a mixed bag of steelies, lakers and an occasional salmon. Then just after the 4th July we have kings in better numbers and by the end of July they are here to stay until running the river.

Things seem to be a bit behind this year and it will be interesting to see how July fishing is. The flasher meat rig or flasher fly bite starts to get better as the water warms and the thermocline forms the lake into horizontal layers. July kings tend to follow the rules and live in 40-46 degree temperatures and feed in the 50s. Having a probe is very helpful and will surely help at this time of the year. As the water warms and kings get deeper in the water column it is harder to run as many rods down into the zone where they live.

Deep copper lines will get you down where you need to be at times and keeping your high wire divers from taking them out when a fish takes off requires larger reels that hold more backing to keep them out away from the boat. Enjoy the start of the Summer salmon season before our port becomes busy in August.

Capt. Sean McDonald
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